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Eye pain wearing glasses: named the most common causes

Боль в глазах при носке очков: названы самые распространенные причины Pain should not be ignored.

Glasses – the most popular means of vision correction. It can be used to solve many problems: nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and even somewhat cross-eyed. Moreover, this optics does not require so thorough and complex care, like contact lenses and more simple in terms of addiction.

However, this does not mean that the points – universal and safe means of correction. Several factors can lead to the fact that such optics will not only be useless but even dangerous for the health of your eyes.

Not uncommon are cases when the glasses start to hurt my eyes. You should know that it is a symptom that should immediately contact doctor: you may have to replace their means of correction.

What are the reasons why glasses suddenly began to hurt my eyes?

There are possible reasons:

The discrepancy points required power correction. Eyes start to hurt in that case, if they have to overwork to compensate for the shortcomings of the correction means. That is, too weak points will lead to pain and later even to reduce the level of view.

Wrong center-to-center distance. This figure represents the figure indicating the distance between the pupils. Not all people are highly sensitive to deviations in this parameter, but there is a small percentage of those who feel constant discomfort, if the center distance of the points does not match the center-to-center distance of your eyes.

Unaccounted astigmatism. Astigmatic in the early stages is often overlooked in the process of validation of vision, as the man who picked glasses for the first time, do not know what actually should be his vision. As a result, optics can’t solve all of his problems with vision, and I again have to exert himself.

Do not ignore the possible dangers associated with defects of the optics for vision correction. Largely depends on how healthy will be your eyes in the future. The solution to the problem is to address to the ophthalmologist for a re-check of view as well as check points for compliance with your vision.

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