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Experts suggested how to choose strawberries

Специалисты подсказали, как правильно выбирать клубникуUkraine is ranked seventh in Europe in terms of strawberry production.

Every year Ukrainian agriculture, collected about 65 to 75 thousand tonnes of this fruit.

In Ukraine began to harvest for greenhouse strawberries in may. In June, the strawberries are already in full swing beds for sale from truckers and farmers. How to choose a delicious, ripe, sweet and healthy strawberries, suggest experts.

Smell is the first thing you should pay attention while selecting strawberries. A ripe berry should be a strong flavor. The one that vaguely smells – immature. But if flavor is not at all, berry is grown with nitrates.

Rate the color. High-quality strawberries should be bright red. Berries that have very dark Burgundy color, or overripe, or “tint”. And if the strawberry white tip, it is simply not ripe and will be sour.

Size. Do not believe the myth that the strawberries choose the size. It has different varieties, and nitrates can contain both large and small berries. However, experts advise not to chase the big berries is a high probability that a strawberry pumped water.

Another indicator of the quality of the strawberry is its tail. The leaves on it are green and fleshy. This means that strawberries straight from the garden. Withered tails – a sign that the berry is collected for a long time. If the leaves and berries, guaranteed – strawberry will be sweet. But if the leaves are tight – a sign the berries are sour. Do not buy strawberries without a tail – it quickly deteriorates.

Note the seeds of the berries. If seeds are convex, then the strawberries will likely not ripe. But if they are located in such a recess and away from each other, it means that the berry is ripe.

Use strawberries

Strawberry has a complex healing effect on the body, nourishes the dry skin and speeds up the metabolism and improves the condition of skin, hair and nails.

Strawberries contain a lot of biologically active substances, which makes this berry very useful for those who have no contraindications. To those, in particular, problems with the kidneys, the stomach, kidney stones, ulcers and allergies to berries.

“Strawberry activates the metabolism, causing the body quickly to update the cells, then there is a peculiar all-natural elixir of youth. Also strawberry is used as a mild diaphoretic and antipyretic, while it also thins the blood. Due to the abundance of vitamins, strawberries, among other things, gives us energy. But it is important to remember that the first berries vitamin not so much, but you can easily “absorb” a lot of chemistry,” says nutritionist Lyudmila Babich.

Regular consumption of reasonable doses of strawberry help normalize the composition of intestinal microflora, reducing the manifestations of dysbiosis and the elimination of toxins. It gently cleanses the body from all the accumulated over the winter and spring holidays “garbage”. Because in the season experts recommend eating a total of at least 3-4 pounds of berries.

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