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Experts: freezing will save you from cancer and stroke

Эксперты: замораживание спасет от рака и инсульта A team of scientists conducting a clinical study of drugs that helps save the organs and tissues from permanent damage caused by cancer and strokes.

Experts found out why the freeze or hibernate saves the lives of victims of strokes. Through clinical trials is a medicine that puts the vital organs in hibernation.

The state of dormancy or hibernation caused by exposure to low temperatures, it is common for some varieties of animals like bears, but not for people. Now, however, science has made human hibernation a reality, and not in order to help us survive the harsh winter. For example, hibernate will be used in the treatment of some of the most resistant tumors and to save the life of patients affected with stroke.

A team of scientists from University College London and conducts clinical trials of the drug that will soon help to save organs and tissues like the heart, brain and arteries from permanent damage caused by strokes. The cure is to immerse the patients into hibernation.

Theoretically, this should save the lives of thousands of victims of strokes and heart attacks, as suggested by the creators of the drug. In the hibernation state, the cells are further protected from the deadly injuries that occur during emergency and resuscitation procedures. These so-called reperfusion injury occur in the moment, when deprived of blood to organs and tissues suddenly and sharply returns the blood flow. Naturally, the blood flow needs to be restored, however, if this happens too abruptly, the body a shock, provoking an inflammatory reaction that destroys important arteries, heart tissue and brain. This happens in every third patient and ends with death.

Starting next year, clinical trials on humans of a new drug will show whether falling asleep to help prevent this deadly complication. It is believed that similar kind of hibernation will save patients from reperfusion damage. Scientists tens of years studying hibernating animals, their ability to slow down the heart rate and reduce body temperature to a level which almost brings them to a state of clinical death. In this unique situation of their brain and other vital organs are not damaged. And now all the same you want to spy on people.

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