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Exhibition of fan art in honor of the 35th anniversary of “Something”

Yes, this year turns 35 years of chic with the premiere of the movie John carpenter’s “the thing”. Hard to believe, because in the film used lots of practical effects and it looks still great. The remake-prequel this level can not boast, though I must admit, they tried. However, to blame the remakes in this case, somehow not comme Il faut, because as you know, the original 1982 and is not original at all.

Must be “Something” carpenter is the best justification for the existence of such a term as “remake” in the film.

A good film for many reasons, but we will talk about, about aesthetics, and the same is not aesthetic, the disharmonious, the monstrous, so brilliantly embodied in the form of monsters of the films. In short, we are on a head on legs, okay?

By the way, this image is truly one of the most memorable in the film (along with brutal beard of Kurt Russell), and it is not surprising that it repeatedly POPs up in the works of artists who have decided to pay tribute to the film “Something”. The exhibition of such arts kicks off today in Burbank, California, store Creature Features. More than a hundred artists will present their creations in different styles and forms, but always play up the theme of the aforesaid films. In addition, visitors can see a selection of the Artbook “Something”, is a Deluxe 400-page publication, prepared by the company Printed in Blood. In creating the collection was attended by artists from all over the world. In particular, from Kiev Sergey Krikun, Zone Horror even took it one big interview.

Anyway, on the show in Burbank, unfortunately, will not, but to look with one eye on some arts from there we can.

Finished my animatronic toy The Thing just in time! This will be for sale at @cfeatures The Thing art show next weekend April 8! #thething #creaturefeatures

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