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Estimated number of electric vehicles in Russia

The whole world froze in anticipation, and when Elon Musk will destroy the market of cars with internal combustion engines with electric cars. All there is to it, but there is one country where electric cars are not just not in demand, and even almost useless. Alas, this is Russia.

In our country where towns can be hundreds of thousands of miles, electric cars are simply unprofitable, because nobody wants to get stuck on the track, deprived of the opportunity to charge their car, or spend a few hours on a fill charge somewhere in the village with the ever-galloping power supply. According to information from the Agency “AUTOSTAT”, as of January 1 of this year in Russia there are about 920 electric cars, and the lineup is even more scarce than the one offered “AVTOVAZ” during the time of the Union. In the first place by popularity in Russia is a Japanese hatchback Nissan Leaf, and the second place was taken by another “Japanese”, Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

Elon Musk also did not remain out of work, although its electric cars in our country not officially come in third place is held by the sedan Tesla Model S. Domestic car Ellada on the basis of “Kalina” is on the list too, but only on the fourth place. Most often, the electric car can be seen on the roads of Moscow and Moscow region, Samara, Primorye and Khabarovsk. Cars without internal combustion engine is in the Northern capital, but they are only 45 as in Krasnodar.

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