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Don Mancini said, what will be the “Cult of Chucky”

We already know that this year is a doll of Chucky coming back to kill. We have the teaser, there is a comment from Jennifer Tilly, who will appear again in the series after starring in “Bride of Chucky” and a cameo in “the Curse.” And now the Creator of the franchise, don Mancini, has told fans about his vision for the new film.

But you get the idea, first recall the synopsis of the upcoming work:

After the asylum for the criminally insane for the last four years, nick Pearce thinks it’s her, and not Chucky, killed her entire family. But once the psychiatrist enters a new therapeutic tool for group sessions with patients — too familiar for Nicki doll of the series “nice guy”. And soon the hospital starts killing. Maybe she’s not crazy?.. To help Nike in a hurry Andy Barclay, grown-up boy from the first film about Chucky. But on his way stands Tiffany, in love with Chucky the killer is.

If the previous part has been a return to the roots of the genre, “the Cult of Chuckie” is a kind of mixture of classic puppet horror and psychological Thriller in the spirit of “Inception” by Christopher Nolan. Quite a statement, right?

Chucky is such a versatile character that you can use it in a variety of subgenres. It’s mind-boggling, “Chuckie” is mixed with “the Beginning”, because you are dealing with a bunch of characters whose perception of reality is changing under the influence of madness, drugs, on which they sit, and hypnosis.

Actually, it is the words of Mancini.

The Director assures fans that he heard criticism of the last film, and this time tried to return to the classic look of all of your favorite doll killer. Actress Jennifer Tilly has admitted that Chuckie “looks amazing in this film”, and Mancini says that they’re “really skillfully worked him over”. However, finessed can also mean “cut”.

And finally “the Cult of Chucky” will be the most bloody of all the seven films on “Children’s game”.

Blood effects in this film… it’s definitely the bloodiest of all the movies. [It] was not something that [we] were going to do. It just happened.

Hehe, we didn’t want, happened. Mancini as if already apologizing to parents for mental trauma their children, secretly watching this movie. Well, not the worst kind of psychological trauma, to be honest. Judge for yourself.

So, “Cult of Chucky” writer of the entire series and directed the previous two episodes, don Mancini, will bring together characters from different parts of this spooky and funny story about a child’s toy. Apparently to light at last not a child. Looks like we are waiting enchanting the final? Will see in Octoberwhen Universal Home Entertainment will release the picture in the light.

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