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Doctors told how to get rid of different types of headache

Медики рассказали, как избавиться от разных видов головной боли There are several types of headaches.

Probably, in the world there is no man who has not experienced what we call “splitting headache”. In some cases, you can solve the problem yourself, others should immediately go to the doctor.

To make the right decision, experts have gathered for you the detailed instructions on how to determine the type of headaches to find the cause and to alleviate their condition.

Headache tension

It is also called tension. This is the most common type of headache in the world — each of us has experienced it at least once in your life.

Signs. This is usually a lightweight, non-throbbing pain. The circumference of the top of head of pressure, as if you’re wearing a helmet small size. It may seem that the muscles of forehead and eyes, very tense and relax them does not work. The intensity often increases in the evening.

Reasons. Tension pain can be associated with severe stress, overwork, poor posture and awkward head position for a long time. Chronic is rare (less than 3 % of cases) and is often associated with injuries of the muscles of the head and neck.

How to treat it. To get rid of a headache, usually enough for the pain. But beware: misuse of pills is not worth it. If the headache appears too often and long does not pass, it is better to consult a doctor. Also try to engage in mild exercise, regularly exercise the shoulders and neck, spend more time in the air to get rid of stress.

Sinus headache

Occurs when inflammation of the sinuses. Accompanied by fever, swelling of the face, tension in the forehead and cheeks.

Signs. Strong pressure and pain in sinus cavities: forehead, eyebrow, under eye area. With a sharp movement of his head or bend forward the pain increases. Nose breathing, nasal congestion practically does not pass. Constant fatigue.

Reasons. Occurs when infection and inflammation of the sinuses. Because of the obstruction raises the pressure, lack of oxygen leads to fatigue. May occur as a complication after colds or be the result of seasonal allergies.

Treatment. This headache rarely goes away by itself. If you have allergies, can help antihistamines. In the other case it is necessary as soon as possible to consult a doctor who will probably prescribe antibiotics.


All the migraine symptoms occur during the attack, which has 4 stages of development, although not all of them can be fully expressed.

Reasons. Migraine is often a violation in the metabolism or cerebral vessels. Also has a genetic predisposition to developing this disease.

How to treat it. There is no methods for complete recovery from migraines. However, many people it goes away by itself. There are many preparations to relieve the symptoms, the right choice to help the doctor. Regular exercise and maintaining yourself in shape will also significantly improve your health.

Cluster headache

This kind of pain is rare: approximately 1 % of the world population, and in 80% of cases are men.

Signs. There is pain in the area of the eye often at night, usually on one side of the head. Eyes may redden, tear up, and strong photosensitivity. Last from 15 minutes to 1 hour and repeat daily. And then you may lose, sometimes even for several years.

Reasons not exactly known, but may be associated with the biological clock of a human, because the pain occurs at certain times of the day.

Treatment. This kind of pain is difficult to treat because they appear sporadically and may disappear as unpredictable. Treatment only as directed by your doctor.


Reasons. Guesses about how alcohol contributes to headaches, a lot. One of them is that alcohol dilates blood vessels in the brain and disrupts the serotonin. In addition, alcohol dehydrates the body and dehydration is also known as a provoker of migraine attacks.

How to treat it. The best way pill of Panadol, water and a good sleep. But to be a joke to hangover still not worth it. If you have a headache after even low doses of alcohol, perhaps this is a mild form of migraine, and alcohol, just to provoke seizures.

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