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Doctors told how to determine a hormonal imbalance

Медики рассказали, как определить гормональный сбойWe all know what an important role our body’s hormones, but give it a precise definition most difficult.

Hormones are a kind of catalysts for biochemical processes occurring in our body. There are many types of hormones, and each has its own function.

Hormones are produced by glands of internal secretion. The lack or, conversely, an excess of certain hormones cause the body a hormonal imbalance, metabolic disorder (metabolism) and often weight gain.

To understand the causes of hormonal failure should only be a doctor, but discover it independently after the diagnosis, which will require to answer a series of questions about what happened to you over the past six months.

Do you get upset at the sight of his reflection in the mirror?

Do you postpone something nice until you lose weight (for example, a trip to the beach or the purchase form-fitting dress)?

You constantly eat the same favorite food even when not hungry?

Whether you need frequent snacking?

Do you feel hungry after three hours after a meal?

Do you have a stable weight or he rides?

Whether you are looking for a new diet and how often do you pluck, not bringing them to the end?

Have you ever after eating the feeling of drowsiness, lethargy or fatigue?

Or do you stash food or eat in secret?

Do you have a “secret warehouse” where you hide the chocolate and other sweets?

Whether you weigh daily, and if it determines your mood for the whole next day?

Do you often eat more than was originally intended?

It happens whether you “like an avalanche” of food consumption?

Do you feel guilty that you ate too much, to feeling of fullness, or the “wrong” food?

Whether you’re trying after eating too much to compensate for the use of laxatives, vomiting or exercise to exhaustion?

Whether you consider, what health problems did you have because of overeating?

Recommended if you the doctor to start losing weight to improve health?

Were you diagnosed with prediabetes/diabetes, atherosclerosis, impaired lipid profile, or Central obesity?

Do you feel that to enjoy your favorite food, you can, unless every time you will eat more and more?

Have you ever noticed that your thoughts about food or your weight, and sometimes simultaneously on both?

Do you continue to consume foods that you like, although a negative effect on your body (weight gain, bloating, intestinal pain, loss of sleep, etc.)?

If 5 or more questions you answered positively, then the hormonal and metabolic failure you already have because of the bad dietary habits and stress, and you need to engage in its correction under the supervision of a physician.

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