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Doctors called safe health dose of meat

Медики назвали безопасную для здоровья дозу мясаExperts on healthy eating called the amount of meat that you can eat per day without harm to health.

A recent study by the world health organization (who) claims that processed meat may increase the risk of cancer. But a clear opinion about the complete rejection of meat is not. It all depends on the quantity and quality of this product.

Meat is an excellent source of protein and provides many essential vitamins and minerals that our body needs for growth and jobs. Red meats such as lamb, beef, pork and venison is a rich source of iron and important to prevent anemia.

Recent studies have shown that people who ate about 76 grams of red and processed meat a day had an increased risk of developing bowel cancer compared with those who ate about 21 grams a day.

If translated into meals:

Two thin slices of roast beef = 60 g

One pork sausage = 50g

One serving of the Bolognese sauce = 60g

One steak = 70g

One slice of ham = 25g

The national health service in the UK recommends that those who regularly eat more than 90 grams of red or processed meat daily, to reduce this number due to the increased risk of colon cancer. And processed meat should be abandoned forever.

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