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Doctors called products, perishable repeated reheating

Медики назвали продукты, портящиеся от повторного разогревания Some food can be frozen and heated only once.

Experts call products that cannot be re-heated. This has a negative impact on health. First of all we are talking about beets. Re-heat treatment of cooked beets deprives the vegetable of vitamins.

Same story with meat. The secondary heat treatment are destroyed in this easily digestible proteins, whose presence just makes this product useful. When heated, this product loses them and becomes by tselovalis. You cannot re-warm the mushrooms. To use them after that dangerous.

Re-warming eggs even more dangerous. It is not only takes away useful items,but it makes the creation of carcinogens and toxins.

The latest product is potatoes. It contains starch, which is destroyed when heated. And it is the most nutritious part of the potato.

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