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Desperados 3 – best tactical game today?

Tactical strategy is not too popular, but don’t blame the players: the quality of projects in this genre just comes out. Because nicer is that sometimes there are pleasant exceptions: Amateur to revive the classic series THQ Nordic entrusted the Desperados franchise company Mimimi Games – the authors of the acclaimed Shadow Tactics, and not lost. It turned out a good game with excellent graphics and storyline, a variety of tactical and, of course, shooting with the cowboys.

In terms of plot, Desperados 3 is a prequel to the original story. Initially we play for teenager John Cooper, who, along with her father make their way to the base of the bandits. Little adventurer teach basic mechanics: to move quietly, to distract the enemies, climb walls and hide the bodies. The main story begins a few years after this moment: the train, which travels to the grown up John ambushed: a young cowboy will remember the lessons of the father, to stay alive and reclaim unpaid debt to the bandits. In General a typical plot for a Western. In the course of action will tell you how fate brought together characters from the previous parts: Cooper, Dr. McCoy and Kate O’hara. There will be a couple new characters: a Mexican Hector and the voodoo shaman Isabel, which will greatly enrich the gameplay. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Of course, the gameplay was not spared the impact of Shadow Tactics: a the ability of the characters to some extent are recycling ideas from this game. John Cooper “replaced” shuriken on the knife to distract enemies, use the coin and firearm weapons represented by a pair of revolvers. Kate skillfully uses feminine wiles to distract the male population, but linked mountain-lover she had nothing. Hector is the most brutal character, capable of slapped cuffs in melee, or to deal with a whole group with one shot from a shotgun, but his main weapon is the trap that Mexican affectionately calls Bianca.

McCoy is already for the old melee, but using the optical sight can “remove” the enemies almost from the opposite edge of the map. However, the opponents are always many times more than cartridges to the doctor. Using your handbag, it can distract the bandits, and to treat colleagues. The most unusual abilities have Isabel: she can take the opponent under control, or even to associate two characters with a shared destiny: when I die one of them, the second, too, leave this mortal world. Like any self-respecting witch in their Arsenal is the trained cat.

The characters are very different applications: a Mexican can easily cut down enemies with an axe, and then drag away from the two corpses, but fragile Kate max is able to charge someone between your legs, and then with great difficulty to drag into the bushes, where soon the thug comes to, if it will not cause traumatic brain someone of her partners. Only properly combining the abilities of all the heroes to succeed. It is worth mentioning about the regime “massacre” – the local equivalent of tactical pause, which allows to deal simultaneously with multiple opponents.

The latter, incidentally, in the game three varieties. Ordinary criminals are not distinguished by intelligence and wit, quickly being driven on all the tricks. Men in ponchos smarter, and if they offer a choice of coin or to carry his position further, then, often prefer the latter. Opponents of the cuirasses – the “your”: not only do they ignore most of the above, but can attack on Kate, if she’d only try and start to flirt with them. To feel that something was wrong, they don’t need to see you or a dead body, just enough not to detect the place of the interlocutor, with whom they used to talk during rounds. In addition, in order to kill them you need three bullets. The best way to deal with these antagonists is to adjust the “accident”, using the environment. Another type of rivals – dogs. They can smell heroes everywhere, as if they are not cleverly disguised.

Space in the game is really epic: on one card can wait for more than a hundred opponents, and most periodically looked at each other, so you’ll have to show all his wits to stay hidden. Go ahead is a bad idea, because even on the lowest difficulty to kill your heroes only a couple of bullets. Fortunately, the fog of war is not here, and you can pre-calculate multiple passes, gradually finding vulnerabilities and “exposing” the enemy’s defenses. Naturally, such things happen “punctures”, so the game itself is highly reminiscent to saved once per minute. Each mission has its own “chips” that change the gameplay, whether a passing train, which covers the field of vision of enemies or clearly visible traces of your characters.

The characters and environments are well crafted and detailed, there is a change of day and night affect the gameplay. Even the opponents don’t look here a victim of car cloning, with its individuality, like a mustache or a piece of wood instead of legs. Cutscenes are well supplied and able to convey the characters. An important element of the entourage of any Western is the music, and here it allows you to immerse yourself in what is happening on the screen. In General, the game is very cinematic: from the manner of communication of characters and ending with a slightly feigned animation murder. Creates a feeling of an interactive movie. Localization is also at altitude – not translated only the UI, but also voiced all of the dialogue.

Desperados 3 – great tactical game with interesting gameplay and atmosphere of real westerns. The gameplay is based on solving puzzles, makes how to plan ahead and improvise along the way, in the case when something goes wrong. The game can be put on a par with the legendary Commandos who laid the foundations of this genre. If you are a fan of tactical games or the cowboys, the Desperados 3 is required to educate on PS4, Xbox One or Windows.

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