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“Declassified” the system really allows you to lose 10 pounds in a month

"Рассекречена" система, реально позволяющая похудеть на 10 кг за месяцExperts on weight loss how to lose weight, but it does not sit as a special diet.

The bulk of the available diet leads to good results, but the lost weight back very quickly. Therefore, nutritionists recommend not going on a diet, and stick to the rules a healthy, balanced diet, reducing calorie intake in order to weight decreased.

For people who have big overweight, and this power system will look like the diet, because they will have themselves largely to infringe, starting from meals and ending by the products.

Experts argue that just counting calories, the amount of consumed proteins, fats and carbohydrates, one can lose weight quickly and the result will be long lasting. Moreover, learning to count KBZHU rarely goes the distance, because this system works and to use it you need throughout life, so full of people lose weight, and slender, improve the quality of life and prevent premature aging.

Rules that will help you for a month to lose 10 kilograms or more:

1. Calculation of protein, fat and carbs as well as calorie deficit. Naturally, the diet losing weight is high food of plant origin, and very few animal.

2. No harmful products. Slimming beauty eat fatty, smoked, fried food, fast food, prepared food, sausage, and more is strictly prohibited.

3. To move a lot. Physical activity helps to burn fats, with this, one don’t have to go to the gym or Jogging in the morning, enough Hiking 5-7 miles per day.

4. Once a week to arrange fasting day. This method works perfectly and prevents the phenomenon of “plateau”, that is, when the weight ceases to decline suddenly.

5. Reduce the portions. Even the correct low-calorie foods can trigger weight gain, and all because a consume at one time more food than the stomach really. Therefore, nutritionists recommend before eating to drink water and use small utensils.

Drink plenty of water is the main advice of experts on weight loss, whereby weight is reduced with remarkable speed. Water cleanses the body and the circulatory system from the inside. You could tell how much he drinks water. If his skin is radiant and ruddy without inflammation and acne, no cellulite, hair Shine and nails do not exfoliate, this person consumes a sufficient quantity of water.

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