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Dan Stevens presses on “Switch”

And here’s another film based on the short film. First, a young Dutch filmmaker Tim Smith (Tim Smit) has created a short film “What’s in the Box?” a few years later, may 17, 2017 in the Philippines (!) world premiere of fantasy, “Switch” (Kill Switch) by the same Director. In the film production involved just three countries – the Netherlands, Germany and the United States, and the Central role played by actor Dan Stevens.

Stevens, we remember his performance in the Thriller “the Guest” and for his roles in the TV series “Legion”, the films “My girlfriend’s a monster” and “a walk among the tombstones”. In June, the movie has reached USA, Netherlands, Singapore, but about car hire in Russia is, alas, heard nothing.

Energy company “Allerplex” figured out how to access the unlimited energy. For these purposes, was built a device called the Tower, which receives energy in its purest form. Representatives of the “Alterpiece” hire former astronaut will to perform dangerous tasks.

To your attention – a couple of videos and a selection of frames from “the Switch”.


An excerpt from the film:


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