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Creepy ghosts that appear at Christmas. Photo

Жуткие призраки, появляющиеся под Рождество. Фото	Many believe in them.

Any ghosts have your favorite watch when it returns to the world of the living. Some spirits chose Christmas eve to remind people about yourself. What are these ghosts and where they roam — read our material.

Enchanted Christmas at Alcatraz

The island of Alcatraz in the Bay of San Francisco the dark and mysterious story.

Due to its location in the middle of the Bay with ice cold water and strong sea currents, the island was naturally isolated. So very quickly, the US army began to consider the island as a place for prisoners of war.

Жуткие призраки, появляющиеся под Рождество. Фото

In April 1934, the military prison has received a new face and a new direction — Alcatraz became a Federal prison. Even today visitors to the island is not alone during the short visits they hear whispering voices in the walls, the screech of metal and the rattle of heavy prison doors. Once in 40 years of prison warden James Johnston decided to support their subordinates, who are forced to spend the holidays away from their families, rolling his Christmas feast. The dinner was in full swing when suddenly in front of the Rangers started to feel the spirit in a grey suit and old-fashioned sideburns on his face. The room temperature immediately dropped a few degrees (or is it celebrating trembled with fear?). The spirit gazed at the audience and disappeared. No one else failed to continue the fun.

Bride in the box

A tragic story occurred at the beginning of the XVII century girl Anna, who on Christmas eve had married a young Lord Lovell. Young were in love, the bride funny. According to old English tradition, the newlyweds were supposed to accompany to the bedroom all the guests of the celebration, but instead, Anna was invited to play in the game. The bride wanted to play hide and seek.

Жуткие призраки, появляющиеся под Рождество. Фото

Anna hid in the house, and the merry guests, headed by the groom rushed to look for her. They searched the house from cellar to attic, but no trace of Anna was found. At first, taking everything for a joke, guests calling her name, but all in vain. Anna have disappeared into thin air. Although soon rumoured that a young wife ran away, Lord Lovell didn’t believe it — after months and years he continued to search for his soul mate.

And once, after 50 years since her disappearance, he decided to rebuild the house. During parsing the wooden panels of Lord found a secret room in the far corner of the spacious attic of Bramshill. In that room stood a big wooden box — valve on the cover was closed. Throwing back the cover, Lord Lovell almost fainted. Inside lay his young wife, still in her wedding dress, clutching a dried bouquet. The inside of the box was covered in scratches left by the nails of Anna trying to get out of the box.

Жуткие призраки, появляющиеся под Рождество. Фото

Since then, the restless spirit of a young girl haunting the house Bramshill, in Hampshire, and looking for his already long-dead fiancé.

The Ghost of a headless Queen

Жуткие призраки, появляющиеся под Рождество. Фото

Anne Boleyn was the second wife of the bloodthirsty English king Henry VIII. For the sake of the beautiful Anne, the king severed all relations with the Catholic Church in order to divorce his first wife Catherine of Aragon.

Жуткие призраки, появляющиеся под Рождество. Фото

Anna fascinated him with their grace and intelligence, but a love obsession did not last long. Just four years after the marriage the king chose another mistress — Jane Seymour, and Anne began to speak, as if she forced him to marry myself. Cost to crawl around the yard heinous gossip about the love affair of Anne Boleyn as a cruel ruler instantly succumbed to the persuasion and did evil tongues. In 1536 Anne Boleyn was beheaded.

Жуткие призраки, появляющиеся под Рождество. Фото

They say that the Ghost of Anne Boleyn appears on the eve of Christmas on a bridge in her native land in Hever castle. Grey, transparent figure of the Queen wanders sadly through the river Hever, lamenting their fate. Maybe she appears in the only place where once was happy.

The Hotel Half Moon

Жуткие призраки, появляющиеся под Рождество. Фото

Hotel half moon is located in the town of Eureka springs in Arkansas. It was built in 1886. Speaking about the hotel, people often mention the ghosts that inhabit his room. Especially active spirits somehow be on holidays. One Christmas when the staff at the hotel was covered with Christmas dinner, they suddenly found that the tree moved from one corner of the room to another. Another time the menu was scattered across the dining room.

Жуткие призраки, появляющиеся под Рождество. Фото

Someone obviously didn’t like to see celebrated here. Finally, some guests are assured that their eyes have seen ghostly figures dancing the waltz in the holiday decorations.

Kings Wawel castle

Жуткие призраки, появляющиеся под Рождество. Фото

Wawel castle Wawel in Poland. In this hill is hidden in a deep cave, known as “Dragon well” (Smocza Jama). According to legend, once there lived a huge serpent, who was terrorizing the countryside. But it was won by the Prince Krak, thus freeing Poland from the years of dragon rule.

Жуткие призраки, появляющиеся под Рождество. Фото

If you go through the cave, you can find the secret passage leading into the chamber, where every year 24 Dec dead kings of Poland, holding Council, worrying about the fate of his native country.

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