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Coming announcement of YotaPhone 3?

There is information about the very imminent announcement of the smartphone-protracted called YotaPhone 3 is working on Yota Devices. The device will supposedly introduce later this month, although more recently has been said about the big issues with investors. Who poured money into the project, is unknown, but the announcement of the YotaPhone 3 must pass from 15 to 19 June in Harbin.

However, we are talking about the presentation, while the release is tentatively scheduled for September of this year, and then only in China. About the release date of YotaPhone 3 in Russia, no one reports, but it is obvious that it will happen very soon — the main thing is to block those cell phones at the customs, as firm Smart orange comes with gadgets from Xiaomi. New YotaPhone 3 will be relatively inexpensive smartphone: in its maximum configuration will ask for about $ 450 US in China and, as usual, one and a half times more expensive in Russia.

Specs are kept secret, but, apparently, we can expect not the most top-end smartphone, I hope that at least with two screens. Its predecessor, the YotaPhone 2 was released in 2014 and was originally sold at exorbitant prices, and, of course, nobody bought. Now it can be ordered from China just for 7000-8000 rubles, but from the point of view of filling it is obsolete. We also add that originally, the new YotaPhone 3 was scheduled for the first quarter of last year.

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