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Civil service and business are very compatible: the experience of North Ossetia

Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии

Why the quality of life in North Ossetia is deteriorating, and incomes the brewing company, “uncontrollable” by Biurowym after the inauguration of the head FROM growing? Who taught the king of Beers to circumvent the law? In the second part of the investigation, “Novye Izvestia”.

Oleg Goryunov, “New News”

Secrets Of Civil Service



Officially ex-businessman Bitarov transferred all his business to sons and other trusted persons, but the Republic with whom we had a chance to talk in one voice say: that is not true, Bitarov every day visits, for example, their offspring, passed to the eldest son – the group of companies “Bavaria”.

From the Deputy chief of staff, Teimuraz ha fidarova to this accusation I found the answer:

“Vyacheslav Selmanovich loves sports. In the “Bavaria” there is a pool, there’s our head and comes back to swimming.”

The son Bitarova in an interview with Federal mass media about the participation of his father in the leadership established their businesses says:

“Now my father seldom see each other, he has a very busy work schedule. And questions, of course, there are – and often need advice and support. When we manage to meet, we will discuss current issues and plans.”

“The Council frequently and need support,” discuss current issues and plans,” note – not a word about the sports and the pool.

19 February 2016 after the death of the head of RNO-Alania Tamerlane Aguzarova, according to the Constitution of North Ossetia, the authorities in the Republic automatically switched to Vyacheslav Bitarova as the head of government.

In September of the same year, in Vladikavkaz opened the first gas station “LUKOIL”.

13 September 2016 at the pump this company drivers received checks, which spoke of “non-core connection Bitarova agricultural company “Agrofirma FAT” with the largest oil company of Russia”:


Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 

A check of the day



In the Network once there is a caustic comment:

“Check for petrol new petrol station “LUKOIL”, which yesterday opened with fanfare, the acting Prime Minister of North Ossetia, Teimuraz Taskaev. Check explained why ordinary at first glance, refills, opened one of the top Republican leaders. But the same cheque was not able to explain why at the opening of the filling is not present top official”.

Himself Bitarov swears that her companies no longer in charge. The head of North Ossetia is famous for the fact that, contrary to local tradition, he swears every time the health of his 96-year-old mother…

Ossetians surprised at this and wonder: how can you swear to the health of a woman who is in such an advanced age?

Relatives aunts Bitarova we learned his home phone. Answered a very pleasant voice of an elderly woman, she said that she is the mother of the head of the Republic, that the son is not at home, though already late in the evening, because her son works a lot. In her voice we feel the tenderness and love… and decided not to bother 96-year-old Ossetian question about whether she knows that her beloved son swears her health.


As the son of a brewer, became a notable Builder

Changes in land use and construction, which in the last few years occur in North Ossetia, trigger an alarm and protest from those who work on the land, and those involved in the construction.

The first scandal in the field of construction in North Ossetia is associated with Zelimkhan by Petrovym – the eldest son of the President.

In the historic centre of Vladikavkaz, he began to build an object, in which local residents immediately saw the outlines of the shopping center.


Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 

The historical part of Vladikavkaz and construction Zelimkhan Bitarova


The permit issued to Zelimkhan Bitarova for construction, refers only to the erection of a 2-storey building for “maintenance and operation of individual apartment houses”.


Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 

Permission to build the first page



Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 

Permission to build the second page


All anything, but all real estate transactions in the centre of Vladikavkaz and a building permit to bypass the town planning Board was made, when Vyacheslav Bitarov has been Prime Minister of the government of the Republic of…




The scandal forced it to stop construction, but this year, according to the news shield, all problems solved son Bitarova: 2-storey house turned into … a 4-storey shopping centre:


Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 

“Two-storey residential house” son Bitarova



Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 

The Mall project



Without bidding and construction sand

Today, builders in North Ossetia are divided into two categories: those regularly win government contracts for hundreds of millions and even billions of rubles, for example OOO “Grantpermission”, others do not even have the opportunity to participate in the auction and was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Ruslan Ramonov, the head of OOO “Istok-Stroy-SERVIS” is the only Builder in North Ossetia, who was not afraid to tell us about the problem:

“I would put the situation this way: the tenders are carried out with violations – this applies first and foremost to the fact that they do not specify a specific address future construction – that is, we lose the opportunity to visit the area to assess access roads, and other conditions to assess for themselves the appropriateness of participating in the auction, the construction of public facilities often begins long before the start of the auction, and the latest “trick” is that career, producing sand refuse to sell sand is obtained without problems, only seven construction companies: “Grantpermission”, “KRAFT”, “Grant”, “prima”, the “CSM-1”, “TRUST” and “Spetsteplomontazh”. Our Republic is in full swing monopolization of the construction business”.


If you examine the profit growth of listed companies, it is easy to see that it has sharply increased in 2016 – a year of coming to power, former businessman Bitarova.

Suspicion of affilirovannosti seven construction companies at least confirms the fact that in the village of Michurino construction of a kindergarten (this is a government contract for 112 million roubles) began six months before the auction and receipt by the company Kraft construction permits.


The inspection conducted by the Prosecutor’s office of the Republic of North Ossetia, has revealed a number of violations of the laws by officials and officers, but to achieve in court of justice – cancellation of illegal decisions on the construction of a kindergarten in Michurino Ruslan Ramonov can’t.


Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 

The highlighted part is list of the violations revealed by Prosecutor’s office


And you prove that you not a camel, and “Karl Marx”!

Arsene Mamiev, the Chairman of the former collective farm. “Karl Marx” for several years, can not prove in the Ossetian courts that the farm exists and that he is the legal representative of the interests of the 50 farmers, still the workers in his fields:

“Bitarov like water – it’s everywhere. Of the 140 thousand hectares of land he already scored 40. And Deputy Prime Minister- 8 thousand it is. All the dirty work – the mountains, the gorges, the people evicted from there. He people says: “15 years ago, the compensation received? Got – get out of here”. He did not hesitate to Rob someone else – that I disdain. I even defeated the enemy weapons not taken away.”


Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 

State act for perpetual use of lands of collective farm. Karl Marx is Arsene Mamieva




Despite the fact that “business “Karl Marx” is in the stage of judicial proceedings, the lands of this farm in the spring of this year was put up for auction.

“There is a decision of the FAS about the recognition of the illegal auction. Bitarov after coming to power, pushed through a law according to which he decides the matters of the earth. They auctioned our land, was a riot,” says Arsen service.


Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 

Even a small handful of disaffected highlanders are afraid of the power to meet them came himself Bitarov




To the protest of the villagers Costa came to the head of the Republic promised to the indignant people of the auction to cancel. However, Deputy head of the administration of Bitarova Mr Fedorov sure Arsene Mamiev has long lost this case:

“Arsene is trying to lead you astray. This story is absolutely the opposite.”

Recently, in North Ossetia was visited by the representatives of the Prosecutor General of Russia. They collected complaints about the actions of the authorities.

“The Prosecutor General’s office came to her office lined up for a whole week, and we got an appointment, showed all the documents, all decisions of the courts, which were in our favor, and then the same courts somehow have to make decisions not in our favor. Therefore, the Prosecutor of the state office of public Prosecutor Dmitry Demesin instructed to consider our question, not paying attention to the court’s decision. I think it was more of a collective farm in Ossetia there – we last. And I just want to prove that Ossetia is not Bayern, but Ossetians are not cattle!”, – said in an interview, NOR Arsene for service.

The next day after the first meeting, the Chairman of the collective farm. Karl Marx introduced the correspondent or even with three heads of former collective farms who lost their land, it seems, forever.


Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 

Former heads of collective farms



Former chief agronomist of the collective farm “Banner of Lenin”, the former Chairman of the kolkhoz “Iriston” and the former Chairman of collective farm. Khetagurov told us similar stories that talk about forced deprivation of the rural inhabitants of the North Ossetia of the main – the opportunity to work on their native land.

The growth of drug abuse and impoverishment of the population

The specialists of “Sober Russia” has prepared a new anti-drug a rating of regions on the basis of the data for 2018. According to the study, significantly worsened the situation in North Ossetia–Alania, which has lost 27 points in the anti-drug ranking, eventually finishing on the 60-th place.

Deputy head of the presidential administration of the Republic of North Ossetia Taimuraz of Fedorov connects narcomaniac Ossetians only with the level of culture:

We are very much concerned about this issue. Bitarov personally conducts Commission. Drugs are not a social problem, and the problem of culture.”

It’s hard to say what has caused the drop in the level of culture in this North Caucasian Republic, but in an interview, “NO” said well-known Ossetian public figure who wished for reasons of personal safety to remain unknown:

“They track everything. I think it’s just systems. I have certain ideas about their country, about your city, about the people who live here. And find the power of people, not representing what education, upbringing, history offends me as a human being. I could not imagine that a man stand at the head of the Republic. Balls – his entire country calls a Ball“.

Unlike Ossetian officials, the surgeon of the Donkey Calo thinks otherwise:

Drugs? A huge number of young children delivered in hospitals is of course a social disease”.

Recently, in North Ossetia was held a large-scale scientific study of the situation in the Republic. In this way, participated whether a relative or namesake of the head of region – Bitarova L. G.

We give a few quotations of the 224-page document:

The unemployment rate increased.

Real monetary incomes of the population fell.

Labour productivity fell.

The proportion of the population with incomes below regional subsistence minimum increased.

The total fertility rate decreased.


“Bavaria” – not Ossetia

From the official sources of information, it follows that GK Bayern is booming – its revenues are growing.


Grow and incomes “daughters” of Bavaria – LLC “PHAT-agro” and open company “Agrofirm-Fat”.

Proceeds of LLC “Phat-agro”:

2014 – 464 879 000

2016- 1 105 148 000

It must be noted that the revenue growth of companies whose founder is Mr. Bitarov, in the years of his management of the Republic of North Ossetia, leapt up.

But senior officials from the administration of the Republic of the obvious categorically deny.


You do not associate the income growth of the “Bavaria” and Biurowym?

Absolutely not! On the contrary – the development was more dynamic before, and with regard to dividends, Vyacheslav Selmanovich, of course, gets”, – said in an interview NOR a former assistant to General Director GK “Bavaria” Taimuraz of Fidarov.

A curious fact: due to revenue growth for numerous companies, from which the current head of North Ossetia receives dividends, his income should also rise, BUT … in his last Declaration Bitarov the indicated income falls.

However, despite this Bitarov remains on the 7th place in the rating of the richest heads of regions.

But in the rating of trust to the governors, in 2018, Bitarov was almost in last place – 82 out of 85.

 Razzag and Tsalyk “caring about people”

Village Razzag it officially is considered the poorest village in North Ossetia.


Village Razzag first got into the program of poverty reduction. In early summer, officials asked local residents what they would like to, all recorded to whom the cow need someone to fix the roof. Recorded and left…

“On paper, THEY probably all did for us (laughs) “,– told us Valery Bulatov, a resident of Razzag.

Mothers from the village asked us to write about that in Raszowa no leisure for the children and to transport children – and nothing and nothing – the bus runs only 4 times a day…

In the other, no less a poor village – Tsalyk, caring about people was manifested in the sphere of activities of the authorities repaired local House of culture.


In 2017, the House of culture has received 2.5 million rubles, which updated the roof of the building. In 2018, the completely renovated first floor lobby, auditorium, locker rooms, bathrooms, equipped with showers. In addition, the updated heating equipment, electrical, replaced Windows and doors. For this purpose, it took 6.5 million rubles.

It would seem – all well and good, but it is only at first glance, says Opera singer Ossetia Vadim Cheldiev:


Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 

Collective gardens Razzaghi knocked out. Wood new owner of the land sells caterers – barbeque cooked the apricot logs tastier



Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 

Shops in Raszowa no, but the bread is imported



Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 

Because of the constant flooding, all the houses in Raszowa covered with deep cracks



Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 




Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 

In early July the water leak in Raszowa two weeks



Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 

Children with childhood accustomed to living in squalor



Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 

Pensioners in Raszowa get 6.5 – 7.5 thousand rubles per month



Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 

Mom asked us to be sure to write about that in Czege no leisure for the children



Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 

Ossetians even Razzore remain good-natured and hospitable people



Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 

“The queue for the salary of the former village Council has lined up” – joking residents Razzaghi


“In the village center – Palace of culture – everything! Tools in it – no teachers – no. Teachers pay me, and THEY feel sorry for 7 thousand. In this village the people there are just swollen from hunger. I often go there with. In Ossetia, thousands of people who cannot make ends meet up with. They write to me, asking for help. If I post on his page on the Internet everything people send me, in Ossetia, just a revolution is – people have nothing to buy, nothing to feed the children, you know?”


9 days trip to North Ossetia to the author of this article had so many times to hear the revolution, a request to write the truth about life in this North Caucasian Republic.

The East, as they say – “a delicate matter”, and the indignation of the Caucasus – “the case of explosive”.

Who do you need to create social tensions?


Госслужба и бизнес – вещи совместимые: опыт Северной Осетии 

The culture house of the village of Tsalyk after repair




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