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China is prepared earthly punishment

Поднебесной готовят земные кары

If other countries confront China in a lie about the coronavirus, would be glad to make the deadline, knocking him all the responsibility for the pandemic.

Donald trump has found a suitable version of the origin of the virus that causes COVID-19 — he could be developed in the laboratory in Wuhan, and not “samozarodilsya” in the local market, as a result of irresponsible eating Chinese bat.

Already have first claims to the PRC as a state. “The Chinese government lied to the world about the danger and infectious nature COVID-19, silenced whistleblowers and did little to stop the spread of the disease, — quotes news Agency the statement of the attorney General of Missouri Eric Schmitt. They should be responsible for their actions”.

Answer honestly to the question, lied to the Chinese government requires, and Germany. Even in friendly China, Russia in the elites is growing irritation with the neighbor and situation ally. Billionaire Oleg Deripaska, to whom the West has repeatedly accused his proximity to the Kremlin, calls what is happening “Wuhan Chernobyl”.

In General, all look to China, as it is funny, an honest answer to the questions, or rather, convincing the protection of the claims. Otherwise, the same Donald trump threatens Chinese not only with punishment of heaven, but quite earthly sanctions.

In addition, the European press writes that even in Africa, where China has been the unofficial patron Saint of many countries, it’s not welcome and under the pretext of the current crisis looking for a way not to repay loans, to get out of the debt burden.

There are even rumors that the West, whose economy during this crisis has dramatically shrunk, after China, intends to opt out of the export of goods from China by the summer of 2020. No matter, break out, then sanctions or not. Just on a dramatically shrunken markets, in the face of declining consumer demand (almost at times on certain categories of goods), Chinese competitors with their cheap products are no longer necessary.

Economists scare — this development will prevent the recovering global economy, and to “deviruchi” values it will grow for decades. This means we are waiting for the world to stagnate, and worse than the great depression.

But would it be so terrible for so-called “developed” economies? As in the famous old joke: after a rise in price of vodka is not the Pope would be to drink less and eat less. So it may be in the world economy, if everywhere will blossom, so dear to the heart of Donald trump’s protectionist policies.

Then everything would start to solve its national tasks, primarily to save jobs. Because the unemployed are not only less to buy in the stores, but also vote against the government in elections. Their opinion is completely neglected even in authoritarian countries like Belarus, not to mention parliamentary democracy. So advanced economies can start to withdraw within themselves, and left behind this club of “third world” countries will fall even deeper into hunger and epidemics.

Disappear if competitors with cheap labor and government efforts will be able to maintain a high domestic demand, recovery from the crisis of developed national economies can be quite fast. But this applies only to the so-called countries of “Golden billion”, which more or less provide for ourselves.

China with its attempts to restore pre-crisis level of production in this case can be left out, losing the status of a universal world of the forge. In such a scenario, he will only have a narrow profile Assembly plant, which produces laptops and smartphones. Although their production over time can be transferred to the United States and Europe, as long ago want Donald trump as the crisis will inevitably lead to higher unemployment as a result of cheaper local labor.

It’s science fiction or dystopia? It is quite possible. But unless it interferes with individual politicians to make decisions on the basis of such schemes? Nothing prevented the Russian authorities to try to “fill up” the us shale oil by the collapse of the deal, OPEC+. The results of this geo-political (but not economic decisions) there, and the Russian budget has already felt them myself. And to reverse the situation with falling oil prices it is not impossible.

So China too could reach a similar story. When the populists who are now in power in many countries, suddenly we have to make unpopular decisions, they really want to find “extreme” and dump all the responsibility on him. And, as often happens, the extreme is the one who frankly do not like or secretly feared. In today’s world, there is no doubt, for most States this is China.

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