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CETAN- service of the future

CETAN crypto banking continues to gain popularity in the world, providing users with many advantages. The service is perfect for solving problems in the business sector. This is largely facilitated by a well-thought-out currency exchange scheme to the smallest detail. The transfer has no borders, which can not but attract users. The mobile service features are available anywhere in the world, without any restrictions.

Full-fledged banking gives users access to the following functionality:

● Remote maintenance;

● Access to accounts and transactions at any convenient time;

● Integration with software that is actively used in solving business problems.

Features of the CETAN app

You don’t have to have a computer or a laptop to work with cryptocurrency. Users can access necessary features with the help of their smartphones. You can buy cryptocurrency using a Bank card or account. Instant transaction processing is one of the main advantages provided by the token. Additionally, users can expect significant savings in money. This is provided by integration with a number of exchange services. When making transactions, the system automatically compares quotes, choosing the most affordable one.

For users who are considering available credit offers, there are several options for cooperation:

● Instant credit;

● A credit line with unsecured credit;

● A credit line in cryptocurrency with a secured loan.

The project developers followed a policy of simplifying transactions and operations. The result met all expectations – users were able to send cryptocurrency without having to enter a wallet address. All you need to operate is the phone number of the user whom the shipment is addressed to.

Cetan provides support for widely distributed services in the world:


● MasterCard;

● UnionPay;

The plans include connecting services:

● Alipay;

● PayPal and etc.

The processing speed is several times higher than the one which is used by popular services. In favour of choosing Cetan, there is also a low commission rate set for conducting transactions which are equal to 1%. Contactless payment support provides ease of use. More than 170 countries have already taken advantage of the project.

CETAN plastic card: benefits and advantages

Because of a debit card, the ability to use cryptocurrency becomes available in everyday life:

● The card is suitable for paying for purchases, bills and payments – absolutely no differences from the usual methods for everyone;

● The spending limit is sufficient for many operations;

● Exchange opportunities at the most favourable quotes;

● The minimum amount of commission set for conducting operations.

Special attention should be paid to data privacy. The developers took this issue very seriously. Accordingly, users shall not worry about the fact that their personal information can be used by outsiders.

Features of cooperation

In order to start working with a token, you will need to purchase it. Then you need to register in the payment service. Ordering a card will open up unlimited ways for users to use cryptocurrency. Contacting the company will allow you to get detailed information about the procedure and terms of cooperation. The CTN token is in many ways superior to existing analogues, which is already appreciated in practice by a huge number of users.

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