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Caviar embedded in the Apple iPhone a real tourbillon

Caviar a Russian company has unveiled a new modification of the smartphone iPhone XS, this time with an integrated tourbillon. This is a special mechanism by which mechanical watches always show the exact time – it negates the effects of gravity. Accordingly, the watches with the Swiss mechanism is also available here.

All the unique components of the new iPhone located on the back side of the case. A part of the mechanism consisted of 19 stones, but the space for the winding does not remain, and therefore to set the clock will have already manually every 30 hours, and it is very uncomfortable. The smartphone costs 400 000, so that he could for the money to put the automatic – once seen, saved. New iPhone from Caviar has the same characteristics as conventional Apple iPhone XS, there is nothing new.

The most important thing in the device is a watch, the tourbillon and the case with a very original design. It is all metal and laser cutting of metal is beyond praise, besides the back it is decorated with expensive composite stone black and white and accents of gold. To make the smartphone even more the uniqueness, the manufacturer has restricted the number of copies – will go on sale in exactly 99 of these phones, and no more, plus in the case of each of them will show off a plaque with a unique serial number. The start of sales of precision iPhone will take place in spring 2019.

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