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Five people were killed in a plane crash in Argentina

After the crash the plane caught fire. A small plane crashed near the town of Marcos Paz, in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires, killing five people. According to the portal, on Board the aircraft Cessna 210 there were five people. After the crash, all aboard people were killed. According …

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In Louisiana struck a series of tornadoes: there are victims

In the city in the disaster injured several dozen people. Dozens of people were injured, about 10 thousand homes were left without electricity due to several tornadoes that struck the American state of Louisiana. Earlier it was reported that on Tuesday in the South Louisiana it was recorded at least …

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Nord stream-2 will harm Ukraine – Merkel

The German Chancellor during a conversation with Prime Minister of Poland recognized the dangers of political dimension of the Nord stream-2 for Ukraine.German Chancellor Angela Merkel during talks with Polish Prime Minister Beta Szydlo acknowledged that the construction of the gas pipeline Nord stream-2 from a political point of view …

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Scotland voted against start Brexit

The Scottish Parliament on Tuesday voted against starting the British exit from the EU, confirming that Scotland remains Pro-European region. The vote would have no consequences because the Supreme court recently ruled that the involvement of the 50th article of the Lisbon Treaty to the British government only needs the …

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Deadly explosion in Kabul: new details

About 20 people were killed and 38 were injured in the explosion at the Supreme court in Kabul.The explosion outside the Supreme court of Afghanistan in the capital Kabul killed at least 20 people. “The Ministry of health reported that killed at least 20 people, and another 38 injured taken …

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The defense budget of the US could grow by $ 30 billion

The money will be spent on new armoured vehicles, jet fighters and better trained military. The new leadership of the Pentagon has asked Congress of the United States to increase the defense budget of the state to 30 billion dollars. So, the Pentagon submitted to Congress a draft budget, which …

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Marine Le Pen has made the scandalous statement

This time got the French Jews who, in the opinion of the candidate on a post of the President of France needs to get rid of the traditional headgear. The leader of the French far-right marine Le Pen, the Chairman of the party “national front”, gave last Friday interview to …

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