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Chinese alloy found in US flagship fighter jets

The US Department of Defense has temporarily halted all F-35 fighter deliveries after learning that the warplane contained a component made from an alloy sourced in China, which violates federal acquisition rules, the Pentagon said on Wednesday. The department noted that the reason behind the suspension was a magnet in …

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Ukrainian troops paint dire picture of Kherson fighting

As Kiev has banned journalists from the frontlines of the ‘offensive’ in Kherson Region, the Washington Post sent a reporter to a hospital in the rear area, where wounded Ukrainian soldiers told a harrowing tale of fighting against the odds. Wednesday’s piece about plucky underdogs who just need more weapons, …

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Bombing targets pro-Russian civilians in Ukraine city

The offices of the nongovernmental organization ‘Together With Russia’ in Melitopol were bombed on Wednesday evening, the group said on social media. Though the building was damaged, there were no reports of injuries or deaths. ‘Together With Russia’ accused the Ukrainian government of a “terrorist act” after its headquarters on …

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Как выбрать IT-курсы

Как известно, спрос порождает предложение. Так как онлайн – курсы приобретают всё большую популярность, на рынке появляется всё больше полезных и интересных предложений. IT-курсы позволяют за короткий срок освоить любую, интересующую профессию. При этом нет необходимости ездить на занятия или подстраиваться под определенный график. Сидя дома, можно обучится одной или …

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German gas giant pleads for state funding amid energy crisis

Germany’s largest gas importer – Uniper – has been struggling to replace missing Russian gas supplies as the company’s losses are mounting, its CEO, Klaus-Dieter Maubach, admitted this week. The company might also run out of the money provided by Berlin in the form of an aid package later this …

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NATO member criticizes Western strategy on Ukraine

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday criticized the collective West for underestimating Russia and pursuing policies intended to provoke Moscow. He spoke with reporters after meeting with his Serbian counterpart, Aleksandar Vucic, in Belgrade, as part of a Balkans tour intended to promote Ankara’s regional diplomacy. “I can clearly …

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Risk of war with Russia ‘serious’ – NATO country

Poland could end up in a military conflict with Russia within three to ten years, Deputy Defense Minister Marcin Ociepa told the Polish newspaper DGP in an interview published on Wednesday. Warsaw would need the time remaining before the supposed war to acquire as many arms as possible, he added.  “There …

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NATO head warns of Russian threat

The cost of providing support for Ukraine is high for the West, but it could be even higher if Russia expands its “aggression” to other countries, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said, claiming that “the war in Ukraine is entering a critical phase.” In an opinion piece, published by …

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