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Died, watching at the snow

And you say – coronavirus. She lives, you know, generally unpredictable. Can happen anything and no one knows where we are face-to-face meet Uninvited. I want to send greetings to all antireligioznik, sure that the habit of measles and polio detrimental impact on the health of their child, but they …

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Coronavirus and the new middle Ages

“Recently, with the different parties begin to speak about our era as a new middle Ages. The question arises, whether it is prophecy or a statement of fact. In other words: we have entered the era of a new middle ages, or, as expressed by Roberto Vacca, in his disturbing …

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Russian coronavirus not threatened

Russian coronavirus not threatened. God is with us, Putin… and the Cossacks, Yes. So the virus no state Department will not help. At the very least we (Russian) anyway to get to Paradise (TM), and they (the others) know what to do. Europeans are jealous of the stability and economic …

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In Russia identified 11 new cases of infection with coronavirus

In Russia identified 11 new cases of infection with coronavirus, reports RIA “Novosti”. According to the operational headquarters, the total number of infected per day increased from 34 to 45. Five new cases of infection with coronavirus recorded in Moscow, three in St. Petersburg. One in the Leningrad region, Moscow …

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Poison not a virus, but women and children

While everyone is thinking about how to face new challenges everyday reality, there are people who are unencumbered by intellect and sense of self-esteem who do not think, and act. Remember the slogan of the revolution: “do Not wait, and gear up.” He belonged to Maltsev and his movement, which …

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And that steal in the USSR

Here, many readers of my journal writing in the comments that the USSR was a country of only honest and decent people who never took another, and doors in the apartment, even not locked the locks. On account of the doors will not argue — sometimes it was practiced in …

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