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Reminds of my scientific Savior

A testimony of a talented Professor LETI Lev Danilov.   The Material Of Chapter 1.1. was not great engineering importance, but in the thesis was seen as heretical his attempt on the inviolability of the established theoretical foundations of electrical engineering. So kindly referred to me, workaholic and experienced schemer …

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My first teacher. Kind and impractical .

In Leningrad just after the War, at age six, I communicate mostly with women and is familiar with one man – Pavel Ivanovich, a colleague and friend Aunt Jenny. He’s an engineer, kind and delicate person, and for me, fellowship with him is the greatest happiness. Gave me a microscope …

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What is the cosmic web?

Looking at the night sky, it seems that stars and galaxies are located more or less at random. It is, however, not quite. Despite the randomness, the universe is not a random mess of objects. It may seem surprising, but the Universe has a structure, consisting of massive filaments of …

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