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“For the post offered million”

“For the post offered million” Which celebrities supported the amendments and the popular vote. List Russian celebrities record the videos and publish posts in social networks, where the urge to come to a vote on the amendments to the Constitution or directly campaigning to support the amendments. made a …

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The main nightmare of the Russians and the government

We are waiting for the crackdown, increasing authoritarianism and declining living standards — or the cult of consumption will deploy people to democracy, creating a request for a higher purpose and values? In the mass consciousness there is a fairly clear image of the future, which people are afraid, and …

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As Big Brother looks like on the inside

You’ve certainly laughed at the fact that all schools will be connected to the integrated camera with face recognition under the name “Orwell”. But you are interested about what it looks like Big Brother from the inside. I naprisylali bunch of data and evidence about how across the country for …

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The Russians in may, almost halved the purchase of new cars

The Russians last month acquired approximately 62 thousand new cars, which was almost twice less than in the same period last year (118 thousand units), estimated by experts of “AUTOSTAT”. In January—may were sold in Russia 492 thousand new passenger cars — 17% less than the year before. “The fall …

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Russia was plunged into a spy series

Moscow expels Czech diplomats, the American convicted of spying, a Russian scientist accused of treason — and all this in just one day. In the foreseeable future Russia will not only fail to establish a dialogue with the United States or European Union, but in addition may dramatically worsen relations …

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