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New Year “Silence”

Receptive to the sounds of the monsters? The post-Apocalypse? Deaf girl? Somewhere I recently saw…) (C) Yes, the synopsis of the movie “Silence” (The Silence) is suspiciously reminiscent of the recent hit “Quiet place”. That’s just “Silence” based on a novel by writer Tim Lebbon, and the book was published …

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Strange and very funny movie trailer VENOM!

Channel Aldo Jones has another hilarious video, this time under the sight of the delirium and stupor got the trailer kinokomiksa “venom”. Needless to say that went well? Here and Tobey Maguire showed up, and Topher grace, the first movie Eddie Brock, squeezed, and the magnificent J. K. Simmons in …

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Big CONTEST horror scenarios started!

As expected, the second annual screenplay competition was launched. You know how in a horror/Thriller? Try your strength! All the details and all the necessary links – on. Studio “10/09” and producer Vladislav Severtsev (“Bride,” “the Queen of spades: Black rite”), a media network of Web of Horror and platform …

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“Local” involved in a gang war (VIDEO)

Cheerful postupatel The Domestics are already available on video, and as bait we have the first trailer. In a creepy post-apocalyptic world that is divided between the gang of ruthless killers, simple couple desperately tries to break through the land of lawlessness and cruelty in search of a safe place. …

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