Thursday , November 30 2023
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Movie - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.


If you believe the dubbed trailer, this superhero psychiatric Thriller will be released in Russia under the appropriate heading of “Glass”. Well, let’s hope so. To get used to the shitty “glass” turned out to be difficult. In addition to the trailer, hold an exclusive poster of the painting with …

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Invader ZIM is back! (TEASER)

Unusual and not at all a children’s animated television series “Invader ZIM” came on Nickelodeon back in 2001, barely lasted two seasons and was closed. But not forgotten. And now, after years on the screens is going to leave a full — length sequel- Invader ZIM: Enter the Florpus. What …

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Three frames from the “Three from hell” from Rob Zombie

Beauty baby and Satanist Otis lit up on the next shots from the Three horror From Hell. According to the Director and scriptwriter Rob Zombie, the characters depicted here at a time when they were about to enter the courthouse, but was immediately surrounded by reporters. Well, what the stars …

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ABC of happiness from We Happy Few (TRAILER)

Getting closer and closer to the release of amusing, judging from what we know about her, play We Happy Few. Dystopia in the spirit of “1984” and “brave new world” – it’s worth playing at least for the purpose of General education and acquaintance with the subject. A world where …

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Keri Russell could play in horror “Deer antler”

This is the horror inspired by the Exorcist, Halloween and the Stalker, which we wrote about in April. The film project “the antlers” is interesting primarily because of the team occupied in it, however, first recall the plot: The fourth grade teacher tries to help a troubled student, but discovers …

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The fighter-bum Born For This (TEASER)

A week ago, we told you everything we know about the project called Born For This… And know we must confess, not much. It is clear that the story is almost biographical story of a man named Vyacheslav yurovskikh, aka Ali Baba, aka ronin, aka the wanderer – living legend …

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Sickle of the Crescent moon (TRAILER)

The walk to the festivals (a world premiere in the framework of the Toronto International Film Festival) canadian indie horror film “The Crescent” in August of this year, will be released theatrical in its homeland. And there, staring, and to other countries in one way or another will get the …

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