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The first trailer of the anime Attack on Titan: Lost Girls

In December there will be more animation in a Japanese franchise of”Attack on titans”: the DVD will be released the first episode of Attack on Titan: Lost Girls. September 9, 2009 started out one of the most popular modern manga, “Attack on titans” Hajime Isayama, and later became inter alia …

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Capcom will release a HD re-release of the trilogy Devil May Cry

Fans of game of slasher – tremble. On the screen of your monitor/TV’s returning heroes of the original trilogy of “Devil May Cry” from Capcom. Get ready to rock and roll with Devil May Cry HD Collection, coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 3/13/18!— Devil May …

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Dark Phoenix on the cover of Entertainment Weekly

The magazine Entertainment Weekly put on the cover of the December issue the main character of the film “the Dark Phoenix” (“X-Men: Dark Phoenix”) – Jean grey, reincarnated in Dark Phoenix. With this dangerous alien nature of the X-Men have already faced in the third part of the franchise, where …

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Victor Crowley’s next: the release date and a poster!

As we reported recently, the brutal slasher Comedy “Victor Crowley”, will be released in 2018, and now we have the exact date! Rejoice, for it is too long to wait! However, strictly speaking, the fans are in anticipation of the continuation already in 2013, when he released “Axe 3”, and …

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In the Valley of Bones is not dangerous dinosaurs (TRAILER)

Night, desert, ancient bones and the madman, screaming threats in the darkness. Not a bad set, huh? All of this can be seen in the trailer of the film “Valley of bones” (Valley of Bones), which begins as an alternative version of “Jurassic Park” (paleontologists, search of antiquities and all …

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GLASS: photos from the last day of filming

Yesterday it became known that the shooting “glass” is completed, in which case the whole team threw a party. Well, we pulled with Integramod get pictures of the final working day and the subsequent booze and actors. Previously the inhabitants of the Zone Horror was able to witness how completely …

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Gillermo Del Toro knows why Dark Universe failed

Gillermo Del Toro expressed his weighty opinion about the failed launch of “the Dark Universe” at Universal. Given that this ambitious project could deal with the Director himself treated kindly by critics as “the Shape of water”, it is the view that will be partially biased, but, hell, man has …

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Official: Jordan Peele will take the “Twilight zone”

In early November, the information appeared about the fact that we are waiting for the restart of the Twilight zone, and produce the show will be none other than the Creator of the acclaimed Thriller “Off”. However, at that time, talks with CBS have not yet been completed, so that …

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