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These products only seem useful

You said goodbye to fast food and dumplings and decided I can live 130 years. There it was! Here are five products which, as it turned out, was only pretending to be useful. 1 Muesli Many types of muesli in addition to their high caloric content and contain a syrup …

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What foods contain vitamin B12

Specifics of vitamin B12 is that it is contained only in foods of animal origin. For the health of your body you need vitamin b complex. And, although most b vitamins are easily obtained from a balanced diet and a healthy diet with vitamin B12 may not be so simple. …

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How to get rid of bloating: a list of useful products

Unpleasant symptom bloating is probably familiar to everyone. Leading nutritionists have long established a list of the best products that are included in a healthy nutrition and can help get rid of bloating and other digestive problems. “Beloved” by many a garlic is also included in this list. Fragrant vegetable …

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Eight foods that can’t eat on an empty stomach

In this article we will talk about the from the consumption of any product should refrain on an empty stomach. The human body needs food. The main and most important meal is Breakfast. In the morning we saturate yourself with the right energy, power, vigor. Eat right and hearty in …

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Doctors told how to recognize heart disease

What are the early signs of heart disease Learn about developing a heart ailment is difficult because vascular disease and heart tend to last for a long time with subtle symptoms. The doctors told me about it and gave a picture of those unpleasant symptoms which indicate problems with the …

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Called another danger of palm oil

German scientists conducted a study which observed the effect of palm oil on the body. The experts concluded: a permanent presence in the diet of foods with saturated fats can lead to irreversible changes in health. The study of this problem was carried out by scientists from the Centre for …

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The doctors told the benefits of fasting

It actually is useful starvation Experts have once again told what will lead you right fasting: the development of will power, resuming the number of healthy brain cells and other positive results. Willpower Destructive addictions to food, alcohol and stimulants sabotaging behavior that are the opposite of willpower. They are …

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These berries can prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Scientists spoke about the positive impact of grapes on the human body. It turned out that he is able to cure Alzheimer’s disease. American scientists have conducted a number of studies on the impact of grapes on patients with Alzheimer’s disease. The experiment involved two groups of sick people – …

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Became known, some of the disease can be diagnosed by handwriting

Handwriting contain valuable information about his health, as found by British scientists. According to the inscriptions on paper, you can make an assumption about a whole range of diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Each person has their own unique handwriting. If you believe the authors of this study, this handwriting …

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