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Ready for summer: Apple quick diet

The Express diet calculated for 1-3 days and help to relieve during this time from 2 to 5 kg. It should be noted that all of these diets have the impact on the body, so they must be used only for healthy people. As a rule, calorie Express diets — …

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Named the best diet in the folds on the stomach

Formed the waist of a dream. Diet, aimed at reducing the volume of the stomach and sides, provides for reducing the number of calories to 1500 per day. It should be excluded from the diet sauces industrial production, fizzy drinks, fast food, bread from wheat flour, cakes, candies, smoked meats, …

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5 Superfoods that are necessary for every woman

With certain products every woman can easily strengthen the immune system, reduce the risk of cancer and turn back the clock. On the necessity of proper nutrition is known to all – both men and women. But among the list of useful products are those in which women especially need. …

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How to stop snoring: 3 simple tips

Causes of snoring and methods of getting rid of him. During sleep the muscles of the tongue and soft palate relax, prevent breathing, causing snoring. If snoring keeps you normally sleep, it’s time to change something. While it is not necessary to sound the alarm and solve the problem surgically. …

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Natural shampoo: 9 super recipes homemade shampoo

Natural ingredients that are truly beneficial for the hair and in synthetic shampoos is not seen. For hair care are widely used home remedies based on natural ingredients. Cosmetologists have offered several recipes of homemade shampoos that attend to the beauty of your hair. Shampoo egg honey. Egg yolks can …

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“Healthy” habits that are overrated

Habits which aren’t actually useful. Have rituals or habits that we do because we know that “it’s useful” and not even think about whether it brings any benefit. In the infographic you will find 7 daily habits that we believe are useful, but in fact it is not. Rejection of …

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Named unexpected useful property of dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has a bunch of useful properties. And now the list has been enriched with ability to give sound sleep. This product is rich in magnesium, reports The Daily Mail. And this element is important for the normal operation of the “internal clock,” say the staff of the universities …

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The doctors reveal simple secret of youth

Revealed the effect of two spoons of honey Nutritionists say the beautiful half of humanity can extend its youth by replacing the sugar with honey. As a result, anyone who has allergies, doctors suggest to start the morning with a spoon of honey.17_resultДанный product has a unique biochemical composition that …

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