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Psychologists told how to respond to children’s aggression

Children’s aggression is a normal reaction. Every parent at some point growing up baby faces children’s aggression. Such emotions the child shows their disagreement is a normal reaction. But how should parents react to aggression crumbs, reports Chronicaling with reference to Browser. The advice of a psychologist Eugene Idzikowski. Children’s …

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This drink can replace sleeping pills

If you suffer from insomnia, then this tool is exactly what you need. It is prepared from milk and honey, and is one of the best folk remedies to improve sleep. All you need to do is drink one Cup of this drug before bedtime, and healthy and guarantee a …

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Named the most healthy juices for men’s health

Juice — is a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals for your body. They do not create strain on the stomach and provide the body the necessary supply of valuable substances. Pomegranate juice useful for male potency, as it affects the nitric oxide and relaxes blood vessels, improving blood circulation …

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New vitamin diet for effective weight loss

Spring is already close. This diet not only promotes weight loss 2 to 4 kg, but also enriches the body with vitamins. The diet lasts for 3 days. In the first two days to follow a diet easy. On the last day of maximum discharge. Sample menu 1 day Breakfast: …

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Grapefruit juice helps stop cancer

Juice is non-toxic and no risk of overdose, which makes it a great candidate for a therapeutic agent, scientists say. Drinking grapefruit juice can increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs, as this juice can increase the concentration of drugs, reported U.S. researchers from the University of Chicago. Scientists have tested …

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Scientists: Drinking water increases the level of intelligence

According to scientists, the water stimulates the intellect and improves your IQ. British researchers reported that they in the experiment managed to prove that the normal water is capable to raise the level of human intelligence. It’s all about the liquid that people drink in the morning. During the experiment, …

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Bloating: get just 60 seconds

The discomfort associated with bloating can be quite unbearable. The bloating is becoming more and more common problem among people of all ages. It gives a terrible sense of discomfort. Although there are many theories about how to get rid of bloating treatment for this problem is actually quite simple. …

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Ukraine has banned well-known remedy against cancer

The drug got in the country without first obtaining a certificate of quality.In Ukraine imposed a ban on a known German agent “Alkeran”, which will be applied in the complex therapy for malignant tumors. The state service of Ukraine on drugs and drug control has imposed a ban on the …

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These berries suggest there are older people

Eating grapes twice a day can provide protection from senile dementia. To such conclusion experts in the field of healthy nutrition, University of California, Los Angeles. American scientists have proved that the consumption of grapes twice a day for 6 months provides protection of the brain against pathological processes associated …

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