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Six reasons to include in your diet dates

It’s tasty and healthy. Dates are not only tasty but also very useful for the health of the human body, especially when consumed every day. Here are some facts the dates, which you most likely do not know. Very nutritious.Dates are very nutritious fruit that is rich in manganese, magnesium, …

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Doctors told how to quickly get rid of bloating

The bloating is becoming more and more common problem. It gives a terrible sense of discomfort.Although there are many theories about how to get rid of bloating treatment for this problem is actually quite simple. Known nutritionist, Cynthia Sass found the recipe for a tonic that will help you to …

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Dentists called best products for a white smile

Hollywood smile at home. It is considered that perfectly white Hollywood smile you can get only with the help of dentists. But experts from the UK called 9 ways to achieve this effect at home. 1. Baking soda. It is a natural bleach for teeth besides baking soda included in …

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Lifting facial mask at home

Each woman wants to look at his reflection in the mirror, if she looks young well-groomed face. We present a very effective mask, rejuvenating the skin. It is composed of simple and affordable ingredients, and is perfect for any skin type. It should be done at night – in the …

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Top 10 effective ways to speed up metabolism

All of these Golden rules have been time-tested and confirmed by scientific studies. To speed up the metabolism for a few minutes even without dieting or severe exercises. 1. As soon as you Wake up, drink two glasses of cold water. If you practice this for more than a year, …

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Doctors refuted common myths about sugar

Sugar and healthy eating are incompatible, says the proverb. But is it from the point of view of science? Scientists from new York University prepared a report, according to which the harm of sugar sometimes exaggerated. Lately, experts noted, sugar gained a reputation as the product that can cause irreparable …

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The basic rules of care of a skin of feet in winter

To care for the skin of the legs is necessary not only in the warm seasonMentally prepared for the onset of warm season, we however, it must still wait. And while problems with dryness and lack of moisture and nourishment overshadow all the others. However, we understand that caring for …

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