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Called the safe serving of alcohol

These conclusions are valid both for young and for older people. Safe dose of alcohol is zero milliliters and not more. Such a categorical conclusion reached by scientists in the course of the study, says the with reference to Experts analyzed data from more than 400 thousand people …

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Debunked popular myths about chewing gum

Chewing gums on blue Whiten teeth and make breath fresh, remove food debris and to protect against tooth decay using gum advertising promises. But is this possible in reality? The use of chewing gum today – it habitual. The prototype emerged 5 thousand years ago in Ancient Greece. For cooking …

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Komorowski said, when the child can use the tablet

There is a standard rule that parents are insanely difficult to observe, — not more than two hours of screen time a day, the doctor noted. Now there are even computer games for kids. So doctor, candidate of medical Sciences Yevgeny Komarovsky has told, what age can play on the …

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Scientists named the most frequent cause of accelerated aging

Accelerated reduction of telomere length and cellular aging contribute to stress because of the intense study and work. The authors of the study, Intern Health Study were scientists from the University of Michigan. The study involved 250 students in internship. In the course of work the specialists measured the length …

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Found a vegetable that can stop the development of cancer

Tomatoes are very beneficial for cancer prevention. Scientists told about what vegetable can help stop the development of cancer. Studies conducted by American scientists from Ohio state University. According to them, the experiment was conducted on mice. Rodents were exposed to ultraviolet rays and fed food with a special Supplement. …

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Called dangerous side the property of aspirin

Scientists advised against taking aspirin in small doses for the prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Even small doses of aspirin increase the risk of intracranial hemorrhage, and the greatest danger this drug poses to young people with low body weight. To such conclusion scientists from University …

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Named the most common summer diseases

In this case, you will need to be treated with antibiotics. The country has already established the summer weather, but doctors warn that heat – no time to relax, because the summer too, can get sick. According to the expert, primarily in the warm season, frequent cases of acute intestinal …

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Scientists have explained why the flu die in the winter

High humidity would be devastating for us. Scientists at Yale University in the US identified the reason why people often become infected and die from the flu in the winter months. According to experts, this contributes to the low humidity. The researchers conducted experiments involving genetically modified mice, which are …

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Identify the key signs of skin cancer

The risk group also includes people who often appear new moles. Melanoma is one of the most dangerous skin diseases. Including the fact that its quite difficult to diagnose. Therefore it is best to detect the disease in its so-called precancerous condition. It is to them with special care is …

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