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Less than human: a new species of dinosaur

Members of the species lived 92 million years ago.Researchers have described a new, previously unknown species of tyrannosaurids, which can help to better understand the origin of one of the largest predators in the history of Tyrannosaurus Rex. The remains of a new species of tyrannosaurids, called Suskityrannus hazelae was …

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Scientists have discovered the anomaly, provoking cataclysms

We are talking about the separation of tectonic plates.Scientists obtained evidence of the existence of new geologicheskogo anomalous phenomena, which includes mortal danger. We are talking about evidence of separation of tectonic plates on two separate layers under the ocean. This hypothetical phenomenon of division – to the extent that …

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Vietnam showed the largest cave in the world

The site is unique not only for its size, but the greenery on the inside. While people are busy with their problems, nature unbeknownst to all continue to create masterpieces. Some of them are under the feet, though both literally and figuratively. In Central Vietnam, Phong Nha national Park Provides …

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Photospin showed “aggressive” Mercedes-AMG GLS

The company first took off their heavy camouflage. Testing high-performance SUV, Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 continues more than a year, but only now the German company first took off their heavy camouflage, revealing to us a clearer outline of the new generation model. Judging by the new image, the car should …

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The Dragon Cargo ship docked to the ISS

Dragon delivered to the station more than 2.5 tons of cargo – food, equipment and materials for experiments. The cargo ship Dragon, developed by SpaceX, made on Monday, may 6, dock with the International space station. The capture of the ship and its connections to the gateway hatch Harmony module …

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Near the pyramids of Giza, the ancient necropolis

In one of the tombs found two sarcophagus. The inscriptions on the sarcophagi allowed us to determine that one of the men called Behney On, and the second – Nui. Behney-Ka was a priest and judge, and also bore several titles, one of which was “the purifier of kings: Harry, …

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Around the Sun in the canadian sky had a strange ring

Photo was taken by a local resident. Ufologist Scott Waring, who is known almost all over the world, again began to speak about a variety of mysterious phenomena, which the official science can not give a logical explanation. On its website, the specialist posted a strange photo where you can …

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