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Near Jerusalem discovered the ruins of an ancient monastery

According to the head of the excavations of Benjamin of Storchan, we are talking about a large monastery with the Church of V-VII centuries of our eraIsraeli archaeologists have discovered under the ruins of the ancient Byzantine Jerusalem monastery and the Church age of 1,5 thousand years with well-preserved colorful …

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In the United States was caught in the sky unidentified object

Above the Yellowstone volcano has captured the shimmering UFOBeing on a constant monitoring of the Yellowstone volcano in the United States, captured on video moving in the air an unidentified object. Footage later appeared on the vastness of YouTube and immediately attracted the attention of the public. The footage can …

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In Sweden invented a new kind of milk

The Swedish scholar Eva Thornberg created potato milk, which can be the basis for vegan products.According to the report of the University of Lund, the product was tested in the laboratory and the factory, and it is hoped that he can get in stores next year. The Gринцип cooking the …

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Scientists have filmed one of the rarest animals

Scientists made the first images in the wild of one of the rarest and ugliest pigs in the world. Javanese barodawala pig is under threat of extinction due to hunting and loss of habitat, scientists believed that this species may have already disappeared. Camera traps showed that small populations in …

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Scientist discovered on the moon’s surface, alien robot

Famous UFO researcher from Scotland George Graham for a long time led the observation of the surface of the moon. Recently he managed to fix a suspicious object that reminded him of the robot aliens. Researching famous ufologist George Graham can be followed on his YouTube channel Streetcap1. There are …

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Ancient mummy may disappear: the reason

Humanity will lose forever the ancient mummiesCollection of mummified human remains found in Northern Chile, turns into a black goo due to the increase of humidity level, and local scientists do not know how to stop this process. More than 100 mummies, the age of some at least 7,000 years, …

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