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Adviser to Putin laugh a ridiculous statement about the Donbass

The land of Donbass supposedly inhabit the immigrants from Israel. Advisor to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Sergei Glazyev, said that the new Ukrainian government headed by elected President Vladimir Zelensky is Russian attempt “to settle the Donbass Jews.” He noted that East Ukraine “will be cleansed” from Russian. “Perhaps …

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A woman sitting in the courtyard play area for cubs

She decided to surprise intruders. Once Dora Nightingale watched the recording from the surveillance camera and saw that night to her guests two charming Fox. Cubs especially liked the trampoline, standing in the garden, and rogues so much fun frolicking that 55-year-old resident of West Sussex (England) decided to return …

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Bear left hunters without food

Strange footage filmed on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Kamchatka bear robbed the car of hunters. The incident was filmed and published on YouTube by eyewitnesses. The incident occurred on the road Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky — Milkovo. While the hunters had stopped at the roadside to talk, the bear approached the car and pulled …

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Funny ecards for lovers of sparkling humor

We offer you a selection of the best funny jokes to lift the mood. If you have started to feel that something is wrong and sad thoughts overwhelmed with ever greater force, try not to stay in this state for a long time can tighten better smile.

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Formal positive: a fresh batch of jokes

No day without a smile. Let your evening will be filled with positive energy. 75% of drivers are constantly talking or arguing with your Navigator. Off the Internet for ten minutes: I saw that the autumn had studied the rooms in the apartment, met his parents, learned that I have …

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Ukrainian cartoonist made fun of Putin-hockey player

New work by Andrei Petrenko. Ukrainian cartoonist Andrei Petrenko ridiculed in his caricature of a game of Russian President Vladimir hockey, which was held on may 10 at the ice Palace in Sochi (Russia). The corresponding caricature he published on his page in Facebook. The caricature Putin is depicted with …

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