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Network laugh the dog, exhausted after a long walk

The dog has found an original way out. When Amanda Kasenberg from Evergreen (Colorado, USA) went camping, she forgot to take her dog Hudson. A long and interesting walk so tired animal that on the way back it fell asleep in incredible pose, sticking his head out the car window. …

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In the US, curious bear visited the school

People were not happy about this visit. Residents of the suburbs of Boston (Massachusetts, USA) is not entirely happy when I noticed a bear near the building of the elementary school. The beast showed no aggression and it was obvious that he just set out to walk. However, everyone knew …

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Talking about a strange photo of Putin

Putin gave new cause for ridicule. Russian President Vladimir Putin once again became the object of ridicule in social networks. This time Vladimir Putin was embarrassing with the next change in appearance. The reason for the ridicule was the picture in his microblog on Twitter posted a propagandist Dmitry Smirnov. …

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Poklonskaya scored another ridiculous gem

Poklonskaya commented on the protests in Yekaterinburg. The controversial Crimean Prosecutor “nyash-myash” Poklonskaya Natalia amused network the new pearl about the protests in Yekaterinburg. “The Deputy of the state Duma of Russia Natalia Poklonskaya believes that the protesters in Yekaterinburg was subjected to neuro-linguistic programming. In her opinion, this is …

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The Irish managed to caught a huge shark

An unexpected catch on a fishing trip. Irish resident Charlene Dillon, who was fishing in County Clare not far from the village Carrigaholt, realized the dream of any fisherman. She caught the bait fish with a length of almost five meters and a weight of 544 kg. Weighs about as …

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Netizens made fun of her wedding dress bridesmaid

Dressed women noticed the similarity with the Cinderella dress cartoon, when he broke her stepsisters. Netizens made fun of wedding dress, women a ridiculous resemblance. They found it similar to the outfit of Cinderella after her dress broke her sister’s, and it was in rags. This writes the online edition …

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Parubiy and the Pope has published an interesting cartoon

Paruby signed the Law on state Ukrainian language. The network has shown a vivid caricature after the signing of the Verkhovna Rada of the law on the Ukrainian language. This writes the with reference to “Well, that’s all! Paruby signed the Law on state Ukrainian language. There was …

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