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In the Philippines, the Ghost landed on the camera

He was seen repeatedly. In the Philippines on CCTV on the road got the Ghost of a pedestrian. The footage shows how a transparent black figure appears on the sidewalk and walks on the Zebra crossing through traffic. None of the drivers noticed a shadow. The publication reports that local …

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The man with calm parrot amused YouTube

The bird didn’t care about the circumstances. City firefighters Belville, Illinois, came to the aid of the man who got stuck in a bog trying to save his macaw parrot. Successful rescue operation of a man and his parrot took 15 minutes. While firefighters using ladders and ropes to get …

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Network laugh wedding photos “!”-Polonskaya

The wedding was held in the Crimea. The Deputy of the state Duma and a former “Prosecutor” of the occupied Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya is married. Network users are unable to ignore this topic and say “nyash-myash” she marries the Emperor Nicholas II, whose fan she is. Lover scandalous ladies was …

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Hilarious: Russia staged a fashion show straitjackets

Designers decided not to restrain imagination. In Tomsk at the festival of young art presented a collection of straitjackets. According to local TV channel “TV2”, the clothes were created under sketches of artist Alexander Kolpakov and designer of Lolita. In the collection of the art of Sleep-Sleep 12 models under …

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Funny pictures taken at the right moment

Here is footage. It seems to us that required some special kind of luck to make the frame in the most perfect moment that will turn an ordinary and unremarkable photograph into a masterpiece, view a which or not be able to stop bursting out laughing or in horror will …

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