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Cash gathering of Russia (November 2 – 5, 2017): SAW 8 remains in the top five

The leaders of the rental remains the tale of”the Last hero”, and – a rare case compared to the previous week, the film was able even to increase the weekend. Definitely, the domestic division of Disney has achieved significant success, as the total cash collections of paintings already exceeded 1.2 billion rubles.

In second place came the comic book blockbuster “Thor: Ragnarok”, charges which amounted to more than 226 million rubles, which, like, for a movie from Marvel is mere crumbs, but there is one huge “BUT” – the fact that “Ragnarok” collected their money even without going into wide release, with only 160 copies. Absolutely gorgeous production and a clear example of the tricky system when a major release comes out initially in limited release, which collects the most money because people want to see the movie earlier than others.

Closes the three leaders of the cartoon “Fixies: Big secret”.

Note that for the fifth place of the top caught the”Saw 8″. All the assets in this film is already more than 253 million rubles in box office receipts and all the chances to overcome the mark of 300 “millions” that genre cinema is very nice.

From innovations in your power started survival “Jungle”. The more “Haimovich” releases 9 top and about 29 million rubles of cash – quite adequate result.

But the black Comedy “Kill for like” was a failure. It’s hard to say exactly why, but the film didn’t attract the attention of the audience – we realized at the end a small competition with the distribution of tickets for special screenings. Probably the older generation quite interesting films on the theme of modern social networks, likes and reposts, and the youth went EN masse to “Ragnarok” and “the Last hero”, thereby leaving “to Kill for like” with nothing.

The results of the previous weekend, click here.

No.The filmCharges (million RUB)JustWeekCopies
1The last Bogatyr514,251203,6931354
2Thor: Ragnarok226,43226,431160
3Fixies: Big secret204,90272,9011369
5Saw 872,87253,0321073
8We’re the monstersOf 31, 6694,902986
9JungleOf 28.91Of 28.911520
10Skyline 28,64Of 32.732704
17 …To kill for likeOf 2.71Of 2.711245
28 …Golem0,2422,91345
41 …House of ghosts0,0655,9437
…44Spell. Our days0,05647,67411
…46Secret of the 7 sisters0,04375,37102
…71The house of my nightmares0,0041,8551
…75Texas chainsaw massacre: leatherface0,00212,2771
…826 feet0,00045,2241

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