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Case Apple iPhone 8 made of “liquid metal”

Apple has patented a new technology that describes any special material to cover the buildings and surfaces of their devices. According to the patent text, a new material with properties very reminiscent of “liquid metal”, which probably wanted to patent Apple.

It is quite obvious that the company is preparing for the announcement of something very interesting and unusual, once she started to patent different technologies one by one. And that should come out this year and again to change the world? Of course, the Samsung S8, which, thanks to its enchanting display took it and got the iPhone 7 Plus. However, the liquid metal doesn’t deserve one — it’ll save the Apple for the new iPhone 8 is expected this year because of the 10-year anniversary of the first IPhone. The case of this device, apparently, will be manufactured from this material, as simple metal no longer in fashion, plastic, too, and to make the case of ceramic or glass is impossible — not many will buy a top-end smartphone, the body of which is not stronger than a touch screen.

In the end, new Apple iPhone 8 will be a shell of liquid metal, and will present his or summer, or autumn. He liquid metal is an alloy of titanium, Nickel, copper and zirconium and has a very high tensile strength and excellent anti-corrosion properties.

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