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Called vitamins for good vision

Названы витамины для хорошего зренияAny modern man for once in your life had the problems with the eyes: fatigue, cramps, watery eyes, redness.

To get rid of these problems vitamins for eyesight, nutrition and sleep.

Natural vitamins for eyesight, and their properties

Vitamin A. Its deficiency in the body can disturb the color vision and adaptation to darkness. Vitamin can be found in: beef liver, cod liver oil, eggs, herbs, rosehips, bananas and pumpkin. If you eat at least 200 g of carrot and a little vegetable oil, that can be good to maintain the vision.

Vitamin E – natural antioxidant that slows aging of the body. Also it preserves the elasticity and flexibility of muscles and blood vessels. Vitamin contains: vegetable oil, broccoli, lettuce, almonds, soybeans and green peas. His daily rate of 10-30 mg.

Vitamin C helps strengthen capillary walls, prevents cataracts, and helps to treat glaucoma. If it is not enough, the eyes get tired quickly and blush. Ascorbic acid included in the composition: rose hips, lemon, Rowan, sweet peppers, apples, tomatoes and cabbage.

Vitamin B1. When it is insufficient the body reacts to the decrease of visual acuity, the probability of occurrence of glaucoma. This vitamin can be found in: oatmeal, buckwheat, walnuts, liver, brewer’s yeast and pork.

Vitamin B2 reduces eye fatigue protects the retina from ultraviolet radiation, promotes good adaptation to the dark. They are rich in the following foods: meat, cheese, liver, bread from raw grain.

Vitamin B3 contributes to the normal blood flow to the eye, and also reduces the concentration of cholesterol in the blood. It is included with: white meat, eggs, peanuts, prunes, mushrooms and sunflower seeds.

Vitamin B5. A deficiency can affect eyesight, memory processes. The maximum number contains: eggs, cauliflower, sea fish, dairy products, asparagus, beets, beef, and nuts.

Vitamins B6, B9, B12 support the nervous system, relieve tension with the eye muscles, provides clarity of perception. B6 can be found in: fish, cabbage, potatoes, meat, bananas and dairy products. B9 is part of the asparagus, cabbage, spinach, apples and bananas. To replenish vitamin a should eat: fish, beef, dairy products and eggs.

Vitamin D regulates the exchange of calcium and phosphorus stimulates intestinal absorption. Its shortage causes the development of cataracts and osteoporosis. Insufficient amount of vitamin e can lead to myopia, night blindness and optic nerve atrophy. To replenish them in the body, it is necessary to eat fish, meat, milk, vegetables.

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