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Called porridge, can prevent obesity

Названа каша, способная предотвратить ожирениеThe results of the latest research.

Examining the link between eating rice and the risk of obesity, the researchers came to the conclusion that its use can protect against excess fat in the body.

Regular, but moderate consumption of rice is able to prevent the development of human obesity – this is according to a study conducted by experts from the College of Humanities in Kyoto (Japan).

“In countries where people eat on average 150 grams of rice a day, the obesity rate is much lower”, – quotes the authors resource project.

Before making this conclusion, researchers analyzed the diets, peculiar inhabitants of 136 countries with a population of over 1 million people. Information about diets was presented to the Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations. Data on feeding habits were correlated with indicators of obesity prevalence, health expenditures and GDP per capita.

Scientists stated that the inclusion of rice in regular diet would help to delay the rapid spread of obesity among the population of the planet. The researchers calculated that if every adult started to consume 50 grams of rice a day, the incidence of obesity worldwide would be reduced by 1%.

Study leader, Professor Tomoko Imai, said that the use of rice protects against overeating – this is facilitated by the present in the rice fiber and nutrients. At the same time, she spoke about the fact that too much rice in the diet makes people more prone to diabetes and metabolic syndrome – this product leads to a small increase in the level of glucose in the blood after ingestion.

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