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Brown dwarf-giant opened in the constellation Pisces

Коричневый карлик-гигант открыт в созвездии Рыб From Earth it is located about 750 light years.

About his new discovery was announced by the astronomers of the European southern Observatory.

They managed to find in the constellation of Pisces the largest brown dwarf, which has the largest weight from all similar open space bodies.

Brown dwarfs are called cosmic objects that are very similar to small dim stars, but have a much smaller mass. For this reason, they are not able to synthesize the fusion of the helium, with the participation of hydrogen and to allocate large amounts of energy. But they are a lot more planets.

Discovered brown dwarf called SDSS J0104 + 1535. From Earth it is located about 750 light-years away in the constellation Pisces. Scientists managed to establish that this stellar body is almost 100% composed of hydrogen and helium. The mass of this “findings” in 90 times the mass of Jupiter, it gives you the right to call SDSS J0104 + 1535 the largest brown dwarf, among the open today.

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