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BQ Space is a smartphone with an impressive amount of memory

A key feature of modern low-cost smartphones is a small amount of regular drive – usually it is 16 or even 8 GB, which by today’s standards is not enough. In this situation it is necessary to invest additional money in buying memory cards, but not everyone wants to bear this cost.

Smartphone BQ Space recently went on sale in the territory of our country, such issues do not have: while other models available in Russia, endowed with a similar value, can offer only 16 GB of ROM, it easily accommodates twice the amount of information. At the time of the test review Space was estimated at 11,000 rubles. Let’s see if he has other competitive advantages.

A small remark: BQ Space for sale in Russia in black, dark grey and Golden color options. We went with a bright, Golden color.



Box with BQ Space inside is executed in corporate style of the manufacturer BQ Mobile. Deficiencies as such it we have not found, so let’s consider the advantages.

The packaging shows the smartphone from all sides and in two of the three colors. For the buyer this means there is no need to look for photos of the gadget in the Internet.

Also, he will not need to search the hardware characteristics – they are on the back side of the package near the list attached to the smartphone accessories. In the end we have a very informative box, made of pleasant to the touch durable cardboard with gold embossing.



Smartphone BQ Space is proposed with a minimal set of accessories – only the most necessary, but no more. On the other hand, some common Russian brands often deprive buyers of this.

In the box with the smartphone there is a detailed user manual, warranty card, USB cable and charger on 2 amps and a paper clip to eject SIM cards – the battery cover is removable. For some reason the manufacturer decided that the headphones the buyer need not, and therefore they are not included, but there is a protective film, pre-printed on the front panel.



Before proceeding to the examination of specifications, we emphasize again that BQ Space has a number of features inherent only to smartphones higher price segment. First and foremost is the battery capacity and the amount of internal memory. In this respect, for the money, with the apparatus can compare only those smartphones that are purchased directly in China, without any guarantee of delivery and free repair in case of problems.

Information about electronic stuffing BQ Space is available on the official website of the manufacturer, on the box, the manuals, and Yandex.Market. We have a question is the screen resolution, but apparently, its decline and allowed the BQ to keep the cost at a certain level.


– screen: 5.2 inch, IPS HD, 1280×720 pixels;

– processor: MediaTek MT6753, 8 cores, 1.3 GHz;

– video card: built in, Mali-T720;

– memory: 3 GB RAM, 32 GB ROM, microSD up to 128 GB;

interfaces: microSD/nanoSIM, microSIM, microUSB 2.0, 3.5 mm;

– wireless interfaces: LTE, 3G, GSM, FM, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, WI-FI 802.11 n;

– OS: Android 7.0, the interface Yandex.Launcher;

– camera: primary 16 MP, front 13 MP;

– battery: 4000 mAh;

– housing: plastic, metal;

– features: supports VoLTE, fingerprint scanner, glass 2,5 D;

– dimensions: 149х73х9 millimeters;

– weight: 162 grams.



BQ Space is executed in a classic form factor, and the main part of its body is made of plastic. Here is just a metal plate on the back panel, complemented by top and bottom plastic inserts under the findings of the antennas.

In terms of design special delights from BQ Space is not – it has already proven layout of all elements, except the fingerprint scanner, which in the segment of “up to 15,000 rubles,” most often found on the back cover, is placed under the screen. Importantly, the choice of colors in this smartphone affects the hue of the front panel – if the unit is painted gold, and she, too, is Golden, not white like the Apple iPhone. The ends of the back panels are finished in chromed plastic and very quickly get dirty, and the whole front housing, rear cover, on the contrary, does not collect fingerprints.

In our shade BQ Space looks very, very solid – it is inherent in a minimalist design, and on the front panel, as is currently possible, there is no manufacturer’s logo. But there is an informative led flickering when you receive a message or call it is above the screen, next to the front camera, earpiece and sensors of light and proximity. Under the display there is a button Home with dactyloscopus inside.

The bottom face of the smartphone are given under the microUSB port and microphone, placed on top of the entrance under the headphones, and the right side is the location of the volume buttons and the inclusion. The main speaker is at the bottom of the rear panel, and just above you can see the main camera with flash. Pull-out slot for the SIM card and the drive placed on the left side of the case.



Dimensions BQ Space is comparable with a 5-inch models, the most popular on the market, it is a bit more compared to them, but only slightly, and in your hand is just as comfortable. The smartphone is not very securely held in the palm of your hand and slips, so it is recommended to buy him a case of non-slip material.

The touch control keys below the display there are virtual, but Home can replace each of them. The choice of the location of the input for charging is appropriate, but the basic dynamics have nothing to do in the back, where he always, under all circumstances, closes hand, a table, whatever. This miscalculation.

The slot under the SIM card BQ Space hybrid: you can install either two SIM or one SIM and one microSD. In our view, this smartphone is not critical, since 32 GB of internal memory, most users will not be easy to hammer out, even if you store a few thousand photos.



The basis of the display Space BQ is the matrix IPS. The viewing angles are very wide, invert colors is almost imperceptible (except when viewing the screen vertically to almost 180 degrees, slightly faded black color), but the range of brightness I would like a little more.

In fact, the smartphone’s screen on the sun is still readable, but the look is still necessary is a sign of lack of brightness of the backlight. But, even though not the highest resolution with large diagonal, the image graininess is observed.

The disadvantages of display, we would have carried the virtual buttons occupying a substantial part of the usable area. What prevented BQ Mobile to install two touch buttons on either side of a hardware Home remains a mystery.

Touch screen layer BQ Space responds to five simultaneous touches, including wet hands. Since the display has a protective film, to evaluate the quality of oleophobic coating (if any) is not possible. The touch gloves touchscreen does not respond.



Sound BQ Space there is almost no problem except for one drawback – as already mentioned above, the main speaker for some reason placed on the rear panel, where it is constantly something closed. The rest of the claims to the quality and volume of the generated sound, we have not had – an incoming call is heard well in almost any environment, and if you listen to the music, low pass is enough.

The earpiece is also pleased: it’s loud already by default without changing the settings in the engineering menu. The microphone has earned 4 out of 5 points – 1 point we cut over the lack of protection from the wind. The microphone sensitivity is good, so change the setting is not necessary.

Headset the set BQ Space is not included, so test the unit we did not. We note only that even without a discrete DAC smartphone good rocking even headphones with large speakers.


Fingerprint scanner

Built-in BQ Space dactyloscopy is located directly below the touch screen, in the lower part of the front panel, and is made in the form of a rather large Home button. Sensor size will allow you to comfortably use them with any size of fingers.

At speed all is fine – takes about half a second before the screen razblokirovat, and this is for a budget smartphone great result. The quality of the read is good, too – out of 10 times the sensor did not recognize the fingerprint only once. To avoid this do, add two copies of the same finger and all.



BQ Space takes not just good, but for its price, actually great, and this applies to both cameras – front and main. Self-module is not enough to only own flash, but even in dim light the picture quality is quite good, on “chetverochku”.

The main camera works even better, fearing only complete darkness. Unfortunately, the flash apparatus is not particularly bright, and it is enough high to shoot at dusk and use as a flashlight, but no more. Day detail is off the charts, in low light in a small noise, which, however, can see only a very sophisticated user.

Subtotal, built-in camera is obviously the strong side of the Space BQ, and on this occasion it would be possible to add some interesting shooting modes in the standard, but here, alas no, so I have to put third-party software.



And, speaking of software, consider what carries a factory firmware BQ Space. By default, this Android OS 7.0 Nougat from Google, which feels more than comfortable due to the 3 GB of RAM. She almost flies, working extremely quickly, and it only slows down the interface Yandex.Launcher.

To remove this shell you can only replace it with another, plus in the smart phone there are many preinstalled 99% of buyers of apps. Such programs here 9, and almost all of them impossible to remove with standard tools. In the end, they occupy space in memory, bit of RAM and at the same time spoil the life of the user – AppPress constantly cluttering up desktops with shortcuts to other useless apps from Google Play.

For such “customization” of the firmware set BQ minus Space. As for memory, after the first boot, the handset is available with 1.9 GB of RAM from 3 GB and about 24 GB disk space of 32 GB. This RAM is more than enough to run multiple heavy applications, and nothing is removed from memory, and by itself, the smartphone runs very fast.



BQ Space is very powerful for its class smartphone, but for heavy gaming it is still unusable, as evidenced by the presence of a processor from MediaTek. The CPU of this brand is good in terms of computing power, but for toys need products of Qualcomm, which is reflected in the test results in 3DMark – a total of 211 points. But in AnTuTu monoblock scored over 38460 points.

Benchmarks and Quadrant Standard GeekBench also praised the ability of mobile – final grades you can see in the screenshots, and all tested components it is best proved that is the core.


Work offline

BQ Space is equipped with a battery capacity of 4000 mAh rapid charging and AC charging adapter with a current of 2 amperes. Charging from such a memory from 0 to 100% takes around 3 hours, but the smartphone gets very warm, so it is better to use the charging at 1.5 amps. In this case, the energy takes a little less than 4 hours, but the temperature of the batteries is significantly lower.

Time of Autonomous work Space BQ manufacturer has not led, so not repelled by anything. In our case, the mode of intensive operation put the battery over one day to 11 PM charge remained in the region of 7%.

Less intensive mode of use increased autonomy to nearly two astronomical days, which is pretty good. Finally, in the “90% of calls and 10% of social networks and messengers” results in almost three days without recharging. “Sleep,” the smartphone is very good: for the night, when purified of RAM and turned off Wi-Fi and mobile Internet, the battery runs down 2-3 percent.



Smartphone BQ Space, estimated at 11,000 rubles, ready to offer the user impressive for this class of RAM and a large capacity built-in storage. While he has a very good battery, access to the network of the fourth generation and a whole lot of other advantages or if you want a competitive advantage.

The machine left a highly positive impression, although minor flaws, primarily related to ergonomics, it is still there. I also want to mention a good selection of colours – classic shades, without a frilly blue and pink and gold.

Final opinion: smartphone BQ Space is clearly successful, and consider it to the purchase is definitely worth it, but before that you first need to know how to get the root to remove the garbage. For us this is the main drawback.


Pros BQ Space

– capacious battery;

great camera;

– lots of RAM and ROM;

– good sound;

– the fingerprint scanner.


Cons BQ Space

– preinstalled junk SOFTWARE;

– sparse equipment.

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