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Blockade of Donbass activists accused the police of provocation

Блокада Донбасса: активисты обвинили полицию в провокацияхThe headquarters of the blockade did not allow the police to conduct a search.

The police organized a provocation against members of the trade blockade on Donbass.

Activists report about it on his page in Facebook.

So, on Friday evening, March 3, reinforced police had intended to conduct a search of the headquarters in Lisichansk, Luhansk oblast. Militiamen were required to provide access to the premises to conduct a search. According to them, they received information, supposedly all the rooms are full of weapons. Since there was no legal grounds to search premises, “the delegation” was not allowed, but allowed two police officers to go into the room together with the duty officer at headquarters. It is argued that nothing illegal was found.

This morning, 4 February, the story will be continued. The redoubt “Bogdan” once again the police arrived and said that he had received the statement, allegedly the bridge, under which there is a redoubt mined. The statement of the activists seemed odd, because right in front of the redoubt around the clock is the police car in Luhansk region.

“However, “delegation” was allowed to survey the bridge. In the bushes, the valiant guardians of law and order, was found a substance similar to TNT, RGD-5 grenade and ammunition. In this case, it was in a disassembled state, in the form of “constructor”, – activists write.

“Veterans of the war of independence was asked to leave the place of blocking. But in response the police of the Luhansk region were invited to collect their things, to do their job and leave the veterans alone,” – say the participants of the blockade.
Also in the morning into the apartment of Anatoly Vinogrodsky Gala, coordinator of the headquarters of the blockade, the police arrived with the same statement, about storing, ostensibly, of military weapons.

The headquarters of the trade blockade of Donbass says that all these events are provocations.

“I want to draw attention to the fact that similar scenarios have played out in Krivoy Rog in the autumn of 2015, when the landfill opposite the Krivoy Rog city Council, next to the tent protesters, were found grenades in this the parsed constructor. The headquarters of the blockade, offers the authors of provocations to come up with something more original and find a more sensible actors-performers for such provocations,” – said the activists.

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