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“Blade runner 2049”: black film, darkness which permeates the beam of light

Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuvehas already made a name for himself such works as “Fires” and “Captive”, will soon present to the audience his new band, which in turn is a continuation of the cult of the picture “Running on razor blades” in 1982, Director Ridley Scott based on the novel by Philip K. dick. A week before the premiere Villeneuve gave an interview to the Russian Internet publication Meduza, in which he described what it was like to suddenly start to shoot the sequels of other movies, there was pressure from the producers, and how pessimistic the world of “blade Runner 2049”.

At what stage did you feel the greatest responsibility for such an important project? When you signed the contract or later during the filming?

At the very beginning. Before I made a decision. I made an offer, and I long suffered, doubted, feared. At first I said to myself that this is very very bad for a crazy idea. But when answered “Yes”, all the fears disappeared, and a sense of responsibility is also weakened.
I never made the sequels and decided that I would make my own independent film. I was convinced the script, and then the decision of Harrison Ford to participate in the work on the new “Running”. Okay, I said to myself: my chances of success are small, the risks are huge, so what? So my “Running” is not commercial, but purely the author’s artistic project. The better!

Actually, this is happiness: to remove a blockbuster with a huge budget as an artistic project.

You are right (laughs gleefully). A dream come true. Most striking is that the producers defended my author’s vision instead of attacking him. No one insisted on compromises and concessions to the mass audience. I don’t know if you like my film. But he’s definitely got unique. He has his own, like no rhythm, its poetry. Honestly, I’m proud of him.

Is the truth — complete freedom? It’s funny, you shoot the sequel to “Running”, but the original version of Ridley Scott’s production suffered from arbitrariness. Then you go to work on a new adaptation of “Dune” by Frank Herbert — books, the adaptation of which David Lynch was also, in General, destroyed by the producers. You producers love and protect.

All I can say is that I admire the talent of David Lynch. And my relationship with Ridley Scott, the author of the original “Running” and produced my version, was very comfortable. My freedom was certainly limited, but not Scott, but only a script that wrote HAMPTON Fancher with Michael green. Just the script has set me on the right way — it is in the best sense of the word inherits an old picture, transfers her spirit.
Starting from the script, I felt free, and it’s a heady feeling did not leave me until the end. No, I won’t be releasing the DVD uncut version of my “Running” because you are in the cinema to see is the Director’s cut version. This is a commercial blockbuster, all the way. But honest and independent film, where each frame of my DNA. The best and worst. My strengths, my weaknesses. If you don’t like “Running”, it’s on me, nobody else.

What conditions were the most important for you when you undertook this project? Any specific actors, for example?

I went to the producers and said, “If you want to do “Running” with me, it must be so and so”. They agreed without conditions. And I started. The easiest way was just with the actors all wanted to be in the “Running” without exception. The world was at my disposal. Who will want to, and take.
To choose, of course, it was a pleasure — we all traveled continents: Latin America, Europe, Asia… a Result I am very happy. It was a fundamental part of the operator Roger Dikins, my longtime colleague. We sat down with three of the artist in a hotel room in Montreal and spent several weeks designing and drawing every frame of every scene. Without Roger, of course, I couldn’t have done it. Sometimes, the operator enters into the work in the later stages, when the case goes to the beginning of the series. But Roger and I were co-authors of “Running” from the first day. The film could not have taken place without him and Ryan Gosling. We were allies, accomplices.

When and how did you realize that Ryan is suited for the lead role?

I read the script, not yet signing a contract, and already knew that the film would play Harrison Ford. Ryan and arrangements have not been, but I knew that the role was written for him. I immediately felt it and just couldn’t imagine anyone else. Good thing he agreed, and at the same moment, as he read the script, without hesitation. He is able like no other to Express the most important through the silence. His melancholy, his inner strength are essential qualities for our hero.

Replicants of Philip K. dick — the idea came from “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley, Ledger, English-speaking culture about the creation of the artificial man. Your picture is also about this?

My film is more about the people than about the Replicants. And we were programmed? Predefined the fate of our genetic program, is there any chance to break free? If we can evolve to abandon the heritage from the past?

It’s already out of Greek tragedy.

Yes. As all of the important topics. I had another very important source of inspiration, except for “Frankenstein” and the first “Running”, but I even can not name. It would be a spoiler.

Any dystopia, and any fiction film offers an optimistic or pessimistic vision of the future. Blade runner Ridley Scott was extremely grim. And what is your picture?

She, of course, also closer to dystopia. But I don’t think my “Running” is pessimistic. On the contrary, this is a dark film, the gloom which pervades the beam of light.

But to plunge into this darkness author Denis Villeneuve’s we’ll have 5 October, when “blade Runner 2049” reached the Russian hire.

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