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Bill Skarsgard talked about the “humiliating” audition for the role Pennywise

The end of the year – time to summarize. Now choosing the best films, best actors, Directors and all that stuff, and Zone Horror is also not pass by such events. And hardly anyone surprised by the fact that in all kinds of tops is certainly the place for the main horror hit 2017 – “It” Andres, Moschetti. But among the villains undoubtedly stands out old Pennywise, the Dancing clown from our nightmares.

Actor bill Skarsgard, who embodied the image on the screen, in a fresh interview has revealed very interesting details of casting. It turns out, the Director asked to audition directly in the image:

Andy Mosketti said that it should come with a simple makeup. Not with a clown nose, but with the painted face and clownish smile. I thought it was a great idea, until that moment, until I realized that with makeup I can’t do it. This skill I have.
In the end, I asked my girlfriend to help with the makeup, and then got in the car and went to listen through the whole of Los Angeles. There was something humiliating and absurd. I am – Hollywood actor – going to the audition with a clown face. Perhaps this is a kind of metaphor of our profession.
In addition, Andy was asked to study the laughter of a clown. And here I sit in the car, I feel ridiculous, but I think that I will succeed. And begin to wrinkle like crazy – in the car, with pedestrians around.
The audition was not at the Studio, so I had to Park and walk a few blocks in clown makeup. All this helped me to stay in character. Actually it was one of the strangest things I have ever done, but it summed up my connection with the character.

Not bad, huh? Moschetti knows a lot about the abuse of actors, hehe. But with this approach we got that Pennywise you deserve. Creepy and memorable. After this story respect Skarsgard even more.

9 January 2018, “It” will be released on DVD and Blu-ray.

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