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Between the well-known leading Russian conflict erupted. Video

Между известными российскими ведущими вспыхнул конфликт. ВидеоLeading Urgant and Soloviev have exchanged barbs.

Between the Russian leading Ivan Urgant and Vladimir Solovyov, a conflict broke out, which began with an innocent burn.

Solov’ev could not accept the fact that the stars were smeared Nightingale the flight and hinted at programme “Sunday night”, which leads the warblers.

In one of the first releases of the new season of “Evening Urgant” presenter to looked model Irena Ponaroshku and brought to the Studio the gift of face cream. Urgant hurried to put the white stuff on the face, noted that it smells good and ventured to ask what he smeared on the skin.

“This is Nightingale droppings”,- said calmly Fun.

The presenter was a little taken aback and in his manner I decided to laugh it off by mentioning that the phrase is well suited as the title of the show on the channel “Russia”.

Despite the fact that he did not mention “Sunday night”, or Solovyov, the audience appreciated the hint and applauded.

Response Solovyov was followed a few days later in his show. In “Sunday evening” politicians and experts discussed getting the former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili in the database “Peacemaker”.

Solovyov suddenly decided to ask, and there are no “Peacekeepers” Ivan Urgant. All around was quiet, and he continued: “Here is his father for sure. But, on the other hand, I know a great way to do so is not to fall into the “Peacemaker”. It is sufficient channel nasty joke about me.”

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