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Became known new details of the elimination of Givi

Стали известны новые подробности ликвидации ГивиAt the scene of the destruction of the terrorist Givi was only Russian propaganda media.

The militants of the DNR terrorist organization was not allowed to remove the foreign media, the elimination Pro-Russia mercenary Givi. This information today several sources have confirmed in the occupied Donetsk.

“He said that the camera will break if you start shooting, empty in the morning, there is only the Russian media”, – said the source

Of a group of foreign journalists were forced to wait several hours in the frost near the building of the military unit in Donetsk on the street of the Fountain, believing that the situation may change.

On Friday, February 10, funeral of terrorist.

In the occupied part of the Donetsk region was announced the plan interception. But “the city is not yet visible,” said the source.

Militants say that Givi was destroyed in the attack of jet infantry flamethrower RPO-a Shmel. “He had no chance of escape,” – said a source in the city.

The field commander of one of the tank divisions of fighters Mikhail Tolstoy, nicknamed Givi was blown up in his office when the fire at the base of an illegal armed formation Somalia.

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