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Batter swinging — a review on the horror film “the crossing” (2016)

Distraught girl down into the underpass and is facing an unimaginable nightmare.

Finding this short horror on the Internet, I have seven minutes of time (that is how much lasts the film) was shocked, scared. I’m in the night will not go down into the underpass, but not the main thing. I really felt ashamed of all those people “vampires”, “Diggers”, “Phobos” and other loudly declared Russian horror. Megabudget, promotion, loud advertising, PR, producers and finally a loud puff, half-empty halls, bewilderment, and not a bit scary, not catchy. And here is a completely unknown Director, seven minutes of time and attempt swinging so that it takes your breath until the spasm.

Fear, he did what? He is a figment of the inflamed brain imaging? Or is he so real that covers dark gallery and roadways of the city, like snow or fog? That is, it is a well-established phenomenon, and to get rid of it is almost impossible?

The Director in this film without dialogue (and, by the way, it’s good that he’s practically mute and returns us to the traditions of the old silent movies, where the actor needs to show as the inner Psychophysics) and plunges the heroine and we, the audience, in the haze of animal psycho-physical nightmare. And immediately clear — a happy ending better not to wait, the underpass is shown as the equivalent of a labyrinth, all the moves which equally lead to the metaphysical womb of the beyond of being that (that is the main horror!) as a mirror, reflecting our world (the episode with the impending on the character of darkness). The question is, which side of this diabolical mirror are we? And the heroine of the film? Ugly shapeless snake, it seems, even not having a head, a monstrous parody of the human, may not even be a monster, and the same lost, a reflection, an alien from an otherworldly being, whose earthly woman like a nightmare or a threat that needs to be neutralized.

Seeing so sees, hears, let him hear. “Transition” — certainly not a standard horror story, filmed to amuse or to eat the popcorn. No, this is a rare example in Russian cinema smart philosophical horror film, and, thank God, sometimes the short film is filmmaking for good, as they say — neither to add nor subtract. And since we know that this short film application for full meter, it is hoped that the Director and with a large budget will retain the best of what said in his wonderful short film.

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