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Auto experts spoke about ways to keep a new car

Автоэксперты рассказали о способах сохранить машину новой

Auto told about the nine ways to keep a new car even after several years of operation.

Use a microfiber. Motorists are advised to always remove their vehicle by using a microfiber cloth, because it is much softer than other pieces of cloth. In addition, the napkins absorb water faster.

Do not use a dry cloth. Many car owners wipe with a dry piece of cloth that has a bad effect on paint surface. Because of this on a car are stains and dust on the body for rubbing can cause scratches.

The use of protective film. Peneplane is lamination, which can be applied to the metal part of the car. Experts recommend to do such protection, if the driver frequently travels on the highway.

Never cover a dirty car protective cover. If on a dirty car to put a cover on the surface can become scratched.

During prolonged Parking a car cover. Many motorists do not own the garage, but it is important that the machine was closed. Bright light can burn the paint on the surface of the body, so the car is better to close the case, but before that is to clean it from dirt.

Use a good car shampoo. Bad shampoo can cause damage to the paint, so once a month you need to wash your car with quality products to maintain the original luster.

Use the services of a professional detailing center.Experts advise to visit a specialist at least once a year as an independent car coating lacquer may damage the lacquer coating.

Washing the car from top to bottom. Bumpers are the most dirty parts on the car. So you should use the approach wash top down that the rag was not greasy.

Try to avoid trees and birds. Despite the fact that Parking under a tree will help keep the car cool, should make sure that the driver has the ability to immediately wipe the juice from trees and droppings from birds, because they lead to irreversible damage to the body

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